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TAUR Pics From Around the Globe – 6/20 –...

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July 7, 2014 Comments (0) Around The Globe, Featured, Photos

TAUR Around the Globe – 6/30 – 7/6

Continuing with our weekly post of some photos submitted by you folks on the Facebook page, here is another batch of some of the amazing shots you’ve taken while trail running and racing. Thanks for your submissions. Please COMMENT on your favorites and share this article with your friends on social media.

1. Adams photo – Wasatch Range, Utah


2. Shannon Locker photo – Camden, NJ


3. Carolle Gaspard photo – France



4. Heather Rickerl photo – Pikes Peak, CO


5. Shanna Rodenbaugh photo, AZ



6. Kevin Espinoza photo, Creedmoor, NC



7. Ryan Freeman photo, somewhere in Utah



8. Sonny Hong photo, Copper Mountain, CO



9. Jon Peachey photo, Donner Peak, PCT, CA


10. Tamara Smith photo, Bandara Mountain, WA



11. Dominic DiCarlo photo, Mt Baldy, CA



12. Larry Haney photo, Kennesaw Mountain, GA



13. Stephen Pete Peterson photo, Pikes Peak, CO



14. Amy Appleby photo, Finger Lakes 50k



15. Darkling Thrush photo, America The Beautiful Freedom 50k



16. Katie Lee photo, San Francisco, CA



17. James Marshal photo, another Finger Lakes 50k



18. Kameron Kershaw photo, Gardiner WY or MT, who really knows



19. Jen Wuest photo, San Pablo, CA



20. Jennifer Nissan photo, Cedar Ridge, TX


21. Jeremy Howard photo, Mt Leconte, TN




23. Morey Brown, Jackson, WY


24. Ryan Hampton, someplace awesome



25. Patri Sequines, Mediterranean Trail


We’d love to share every photo put on the Facebook page, but there is only so much space. You people are special, that is for sure. These shots are amazing. Keep them coming and we’ll continue to post them each week!

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