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TAUR Around the Globe – 7/7 – 7/13

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July 21, 2014 Comments (0) Around The Globe, Featured, Photos

TAUR Around the Globe – 7/14 – 7/20

It’s back! Another week of amazing photos taken by our own TAUR group. I’ve had people comment that these are some of the best photos they’ve seen of trail running. That says a lot about our community and your love of running on dirt. Enjoy this week’s set.

1. Me and my son, Cecret Lake, UT

2. Lee Ann Paul photo, somewhere incredible

3. Rick Arrick photo

4. Todd Lewis photo, PA

5. Jessica Rogozinski‎ photo

6. Zachary Andrews photo, near McCalla AL

7. Jeff Gallup photo

8. Michael Milazzo photo, near Sierra Vista AZ

9. Sean Cien Fuegosthechisel Blanton‎ photo, near Canmore Canada

10. Stuke Sowle photo, somewhere near Heaven

11. Taavi Rutishauser‎ photo

12. Carolle Gaspard photo

13. Casey Ken Young photo

14. Ross Lawrie photo

15. Renee Yeoman photo, Snowbird UT

16. Joel Schwartz photo


17. Chris Clarke photo

18. Drew Alan Avery photo, Oxford Mountain, ID


19. Cris Kaminskas, Liberty Lake, WA


20. Sarah Stanley, Quandray Peak, CO


21. Casey Ken Young photo


22. Ilka McGrady photo, near Thousand Oaks, CA


23. Charles S. Van Valkenburg‎ photo, Silverdale, WA


24. Sean Donovan photo


25. Sean Cien Fuegosthechisel Blanton‎ photo


26. Logan Boon photo


27. Courtney Foley photo


28. Pappy McDougal photo, Mary’s Peak trail, Corvallis, OR


29. Joe Urie photo

See you next week.

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