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TAUR Around the Globe – 8/4 – 8/10

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August 25, 2014 Comments (0) Around The Globe, Photos

TAUR Around the Globe Week 8/18 – 8/24

My sincerest apologies about missing last week’s post. This week will blow your mind though, so hop on board.

1. Kris Pope photo, Uinta Mountains, UT

2. Stephanie Moore photo

3. Courtney Foley photo

4. Amy Appleby photo

5. Rick Arrick photo, near Boulder, CO

6. Sean Cien Fuegosthechisel Blanton‎ photo, Columbia Icefields, Canada

7. Claire Rose photo, Rocky Mountain NP

8. Matej Šiarnik‎ photo

9. John Morelock photo

10. Paul Beck photo, Mt Hood, OR

11. Shigeru Osawa‎ photo

12. Stuke Sowle photo

13. Shawn Gertz photo

14. Carolle Gaspard photo, France

15. Dan Baxley photo, Mt Evans, CO

16. Emilio Palomares photo

17. Jackie Thayer photo (I have no idea what’s going on here)

18. Yvonne Naughton photo, Cascade Crest 100

19. Corey Reese photo, Zion UT

20. Sandra James photo, Loch Raven, MD

21. Diana Sanders photo, Trans Rockies Run

22. April Murnin photo, Mt Timpanogos, UT

23. Kendall Wimmer photo

24. Mario DeLise photo, Bulldog 50k

25. Rob Grant photo, Colonie, NY

26. KG Denver, Denver, CO

27. Doug Bennett photo, Bulldog 50k

28. June Uhlig photo, Red Rock State Park

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