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Committing To Your First Ultra

Nikki Kimball Finding Traction Ultra Marathon

Interview with Jaime Jacobsen, Producer/Director of Finding Traction

November 12, 2012 Comments (0) inspiration, Interviews, Journey To A First Ultra, Training, Videos

TAURcast Episode 2

TAURcast Episode 2: Yoga for Aid Station Goodies

TAURcast is’s very own web show that focuses specifically on Trail and Ultra-Running Topics.
Hosted by “Sherpa” John Lacroix (@SherpaJohn) and Co-Hosted by Jerry Armstrong (@EnduranceJer), two veteran Ultrarunners who share 15+  years ultra experience between them.

The RUNdown features the following quick fire topics: The Western States 100,  Race Strategy, Yoga for Runners, Downhill Technique, Aid Station All-Stars

Actual Episode Run Time: 15:14

Preview of Episode 3: The Aid Station
An in-depth discussion about Bare Foot Running. To prepare yourself for the discussion, watch this video on Chris McDougall vs Podiatrists.

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