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April 25, 2015 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

Shoe Review – Hoka Challenger ATR

Hoka LogoHoka Challenger ATR

The Hoka Challenger ATR is an excellent shoe to have in the arsenal, and a significant improvement that many shoe companies will have to reckon with. At just 8.6 oz, the Challenger is barely noticeable on your feet, aside from the obvious stack height of 24 mm. This burley, and yet featherweight shoe, was readily accepted by our testers. They each loved the aesthetics of the shoe’s upper and were greatly impressed with the turnover capacity of the Challenger ATR. One of our testers scored an uphill Strava CR while testing the Challenger ATRs.

Pros – The ATR has a typical rocker profile and just 5 mm of drop from heel to toe. The shoes lugs were extremely grippy and yet did not detract from the necessary road to trail sections testers had. Unlike a lot of soft and plush shoes, the Challenger ATR did not feel dead and squishy. The shoe felt very fast and liked to absorb the trail while pushing downhills. The shoe allowed confident users to fly unhindered down the trail.

Womens ATR on the rocks

Womens ATR on the rocks


Cons – Fit is slightly large. Some of the testers just used both included inserts. As always, we would highly recommend that you try this shoe on before purchasing. Other testers still struggled with the stack height of the Clifton like shoe on trails. Our warning for TAUR readers – this shoe is not for those more prone to frequent ankle injuries, folks who are afraid of the occasional twist or fall, or those afraid to face a new paradigm in trail running.


Running fast in the ATRs

Running fast in the ATRs


TAUR Tester Feedback: Hoka Challenger ATR

ATR Cairn Rating


Bombing the downhills

Bombing the downhills


From our testers:


I’m not a max cushion guy, just not my thing. It appears that Hoka took everything wrong about the Mafate Speed and got it right in the Challenger ATR. It’s soft, but still responsive and has better stability than the road versions.
The lugs are amazing!!!
Wow, I felt like my wheels were a Formula 1 race car, wheels ready to stick to the track.
Hard to say I’m in Love with a pair of Hokas, but wow, I do love these shoes. Comfortable, and agile for a max cushion shoe, and quick.
Clumsy runners should still be cautious, while they are responsive and light, I still tripped over my feet and twisted my ankle. Not sure if it is the shoe or the user.
ATR Purple

Now hit the trail!


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