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November 13, 2015 Comments (197) Community, Contests, Featured

CONTEST – Building a Community

It’s like standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon, looking over the vast expanse at what seems nearly impossible. Then you drop in and begin winding your way down into the depths below and she opens her beauty to you, offers an experience of a lifetime, one that cannot be duplicated anywhere else on Earth. For us at Trail And Ultra Running (TAUR), that has been the building of this brand and our great community. This amazing journey requires putting one foot in front of the other. You, dear community, are the feet of this great journey.

“Community” is defined by a social group sharing a “common cultural heritage”. While we may be separated geographically, we all share many common values and philosophies. For instance, each of us are capable of accomplishing things beyond our own imaginations. You show that in support of each other on social media every day. Additionally, at the core of this great community is a half empty bottle of blue Gatorade. But ultimately, the one common cultural heritage we all share is a sense of being a part of something greater than ourselves. While running is inherently a solo activity, we’ve turned it into something socially greater as we share our experiences with each other. This is what truly makes us great; our ability to come together, support each other, and achieve a common goal – the impossible!

Recently we eclipsed 30,000 members on our Facebook group (more than 55,000 across all our social media platforms). This is a monumental achievement for the community. Growth hasn’t diminished the authenticity of who we are and how we interact. This is due, in great part, to the amazing admins we have behind the scenes making sure that spammers are removed and things remain civil and within the context of our core interests. But it is more than just us behind the wheel, it is each of you looking out for each other and making sure that this community stays pure and that we continue to honor the fundamental principles of what makes trail running so special. We thank you for your dedication to self-police each other and protect our community.

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To celebrate this achievement we are hosting a contest to recognize two of our amazing members, one male and one female. Sponsors include UltrAspire, Ultimate Direction, Altra, Hoka, Trail Toes, Feetures, and Balega. The rules are simple, and winners aren’t determined by who can get the most votes on social media (a popularity contest). The two winners will be chosen randomly from the Comments section of this article and validated against the rules listed below. Winners will be chosen on December 6th and announced that day and the following couple of days.

The rules are as follow:

  1. Share this article on social media (don’t share it on the TAUR Facebook group, that’s just silly) through one of the little icons listed at the bottom of this article and use the hashtag #taur30k. Tagging it with that hashtag is critical to us validating the rules were followed.
  2. Sign up to receive our Newsletter by doing the following.
    1. Go to the TAUR Store
    2. Click on Create an account in the upper right hand corner (or login to your existing one)
    3. Scroll to the bottom and on the righthand side add your email to the Newsletter field (make sure to click the little letter on the right of it to finish the process)
  3. Comment on this article and share with us what you think is so special about the Community of trail running.

That’s it, as simple as that. Thank you again to all of your for making this such a wonderful community. Our goal is to see it grow, flourish, and eventually bring us all together. Keep an eye out for an announcement about a TAUR/Grand Circle Trail Running Festival, happening in October 2016. We want everyone there!

197 Responses to CONTEST – Building a Community

  1. Henry says:

    While running is a special community made up of a great group of individuals, trail runners are truly exceptional. Whenever I run trail races, I feel more united with others. Giving and receiving encouragement up the hills, down the hills, through the tough terrain, across the water and more.
    Finishing whatever race distance is a reason to feel accomplished and celebrate. And there is no better group to raise a chocolate milk, beer or water to, than the trail runners.
    See you on the trails.

  2. Cody F says:

    I’ve learned through this and other online “communities” how many trail runners are out there…how many different amazing looking races there are to look forward to and how to prepare and how to be safe. Building a sense of community – even online – helps drive me to work harder towards my short term and long term goals. It builds my competitive spirit.

  3. I could not agree more with the article (Community of Trail Running). This community is so special because it is serves as a family, looking out for each other, helping one another, and being there as a support. As I embark on my first ultra season, I look forward to being welcomed into the community of trail running, with open arms. Keep doing great work, and congratulations on helping to bring us all together for a common purpose … to be better human beings (to ourselves, others, and our environment).

  4. David Wise says:

    I love the trail community because we share a spirit of adventure. Sure, many are seeking pr’s, but more importantly, everyone embraces the journey. The trail community is a very supportive community. I value TAUR because I learn from the many experienced voices in the group, and I really enjoy celebrating others’ successes.

  5. schmiddles says:

    The best thing about this community is the dedication and support of members at ALL levels. The inclusion and advice from people who have literally run all over the world is invaluable. And it’s not just the happy stories. It’s the pain and injuries and struggles that make trail and ultra runners come together. I’m a complete baby in this community and the people here inspire me to do more and be more and explore more than I had ever considered. #taur30k

  6. Sarah says:

    One of the greatest things about a community of trail runners is celebrating each other’s accomplishments and also having a shoulder to lean on when this just don’t go right. I have followed many posts as I was working up to my first 50km race this past fall and I can’t wait to sign up for my first 50 mile next year. Trail running is a passion and it’s amazing to see that so many people share a love for it.

  7. Mike zibura says:

    I want the gold. Give me the gold.

  8. Brian Sharp says:

    I think the best thing about the group is the pictures people share from their runs. So many different places and people showing off such amazing places to run.

  9. Amanda says:

    The trail community is amazing. Through the wonders of social media, I have been able to meet friends from all over the country. This bond we share is covering miles on dirt in any weather conditions. As a result of trail running, I have been able to push myself further than I ever thought possible. It was trail running that made me realize there was a life beyond 26.2 and a life beyond being tied to your pace or any other number. On the trails, I am able to be free, connect with nature and enjoy much needed me-time. When you’re puking your guts out at a race, a trail runner will come help you. When you want to quit, a nod from a fellow trail runner will keep you going. When you don’t want to get that last run of the week in, a trail running friend will send you the perfect picture or quote to get you going out the door. I am a better person because of the people I know and that includes trail runners from all over the globe. We are all a little weird, but have a lot of heart.

  10. Willa Balfour says:

    After years of running on the road and having a baby, I turned to trail running to fall back in love with the sport and gain some mental clarity. I have found the trail and ultra community the most amazing, supportive and informative group I have ever been a part of! Keep up the awesome work!

  11. Javier says:

    This past Wednesday is what the trail community is all about. Three friends out in the trails running. No goals, no speed work, no preselected paces or distances. Just three friends, enjoying nature, and running and talking for 3 hours. Can’t ask for anything better.

  12. Grant says:

    This community brings with it an inherent camaraderie from the nod on the trail to the complete stranger stopping to help someone who might be in distress, or just need some encouraging words. It is the shared experience apart from times or distances. It is that we all find some part of our selves on the trail, and leave a piece behind. Ultimately this juxtaposition of intensely personal yet communal create a community unique in sports.

  13. Brad says:

    I love running in a community because of the friendships. I enjoy the encouragement in the midst of trials and challenges. Community comes alongside one another and pushes me where I couldn’t go myself!

  14. Russell says:

    The Trail and Ultra Running community is different from every other sporting community because it seems most of us aren’t out here to conquer the field, but rather to better ourselves. And, because we all know this, we are all more than willing to help each other because we understand the mountains (literally and figuratively) that we are trying to climb. You won’t find unselfishness like this in any other sport.

  15. Gina says:

    Being mostly a lurker, I really like seeing everyone’s adventures! I also find all of our struggles and reasons for running very motivating.

  16. Tracy Ginn says:

    The trail running community is so inclusive and friendly. I am not an elite runner, I am not fast, heck I am not even a middle of the packer. And yet despite that I have always felt welcome in the trail running community. Although there are races and there are always goals and PRs to attain, it seems that the adventure, the challenge and the experience are what is important which allows more commraderie and friendships to occur. A common goal to push harder, experience more, and blaze paths…that is what binds us and makes this community so great.

  17. Caroline says:

    Community, respect, inspiration and knowledge.

  18. Leslie says:

    One of the best things about this community is that it is a group of people that are passionate about being outside and completely enjoying the journey on which running trails takes them.

  19. Katie says:

    I mostly read but every so often comment. Even though I’m not a frequent contributor, I still feel like I am welcomed. TAUR has given me the guts to give trail running a go, and I love it. Crave it. I live in Florida so not much out there in way of trail but we make the best of it. Half marathons done, eventually I’ll work into longer. Thanks for the motivation!!

  20. Stephen says:

    The community brings so many things to so many different people. It’s there for support, information, problem solving, shared experiences, mentoring, and so much more. I love the diversity of posts and information. I especially love all the photos of beautiful places and amazing people accomplishing great things.

  21. Pete says:

    The trail community seems to be much more supportive and welcoming toward newcomers than in most other sports, including road running. I’m speaking from personal experience. Last year, when my wife and I moved to a new city, I immediately felt right at home while involved in the trail running community. The runners are genuinely outgoing people and I made tons of new friends in a short amount of time. People seem to always support and encourage one another regardless of age or ability.

  22. Misty says:

    In no other sport have I personally experienced the comraderie and support I’ve seen through running trails and ultras. In a world full of all about me, this community is all about supporting each other and helping each other achieve goals. Maybe with the slightest amount of all about me and trail photos we all love to drool over. 🙂 I love having my kind of people to talk running and trails and nutrition without getting the glazed eye deer in the headlights look.

  23. Julianne Sullivan says:

    I discovered running trails about two years ago. Shortly after, I discovered the trail community. What a difference it made to see pictures of others out there on the trails, what gear they were using, where they were running, tips on running, what to eat, what not to eat, their struggles, their triumphs, their fears, their humor;) I just love it all up.

  24. Randi says:

    Everyone I have met through the trail running community is so friendly! Even though I’m fairly new to the ultra world, so many people here have given me great advice, encouraged me, and let me tag along on group runs ( where I always end up in the back :)) I know I wouldn’t have been able to complete my first ultra without this group, and I am looking forward to many more and the new friends that come along with it! Thanks for all your work in keeping these groups running!

  25. Dave Vick says:

    The best thing about the community and the Facebook pages are the general down to earthedness of everyone. Anyone can ask anything without fear of being spammed, trolled, laughed at, or made to feel stupid.

    It’s like one big team where we all help each other as much as we can, both here virtually as well as physically on the trails when we’re actually competing.

  26. Gretchen says:

    I love to see the pictures, experiences, and recommendations. The funny blue gatorade and singles posts are just bonus. Keep up the great work and wonderful community!

  27. JoAnn says:

    Trail runners are a special community. Everyone looks out for each other, inspires, and encourages while challenging each other. There is nothing like hitting the trail, and while I usually run alone, I love to virtually hang out with other on the trails.

  28. Brittany says:

    My most recent favorite thing about this community (besides the love of miles, dirt, junk food fuel, and black toenails, obviously) is that everyone is so willing to share their knowledge and experience. I recently posted a question about sports bras to the Facebook group and got over 60 responses! How awesome is that?!

  29. It’s the sense of community itself. We are a group, a tribe, a brother and sister hood. We care about each other and our trails and care about what we do and how other people are doing. Someone’s down, pull em up!

  30. Monte says:

    I love the trail and ultra running community. It has such a different feel and vibe to it than any other I’ve come across – a truly awesome sense of camaraderie and support. Friendships formed on the trail are some of the strongest you’ll ever find.

  31. Ben Power says:

    The trail running community is so accepting and encouraging. While many like to participate in races, the competition seems more with oneself over the I must finish ahead of this other person.

  32. Keith says:

    Having the TAUR group on Facebook gives me a constant inspiration/reminder of the joys of running. When I’m in a slump, people’s stories and pictures are just what I need to give me motivation to keep pushing and make my own stories and experiences. No where else on social media can I find so much positivite encouragement. I always run alone, and I like that way, but coming home and having TAUR community is like having a group of running buddies I can relate to.

  33. Nick says:

    The community of trail running is great as it seems that everyone genuinely cares for others and is willing to help. It is a close knit community in which everyone is welcome.

  34. Steve (Ki-Ki) Kammeyer says:

    The people. Community. Sharing stories, pictures, support, knowledge. Inspiration. Run more. Run further. Run faster. Couldn’t do it without this community.

  35. Jessica says:

    Whether an elite or DFL, the trail community is unified by their insanity. I’ve never participated in anything else where a front of the pack athlete would stop to walk/chat for a bit with us slogging in the back, but it happens to me in almost every race. You’re never alone when you’re on a trail, even if it feels like it sometimes.

  36. Aaron Schmidt says:

    I am trying to think of something profound but all I come up with is “Thank You”. To the admins and the 30k+ members. You are a fun and informative group. It’s your posts I look forward to reading most when I log in to social media. Picture of bloody knees, cute butts and broken feet, where else can you get this type of heartbreak followed by superb inspiration? You’ve made me a better runner and person.

    Long after civilization as we know it crumbles, the grid fails and social media disappears TAUR trucker hats will be spotted running through fields, over mountain peaks and along ocean cliffs.

  37. Kristie N says:

    There is a big trail running community in the Birmingham area, called the BUTS (Birmingham Ultra Trail Society). Even though I cannot get out to a lot of the races, group runs, events, etc., the BUTS are very active in promoting the trails, community involvement, volunteering, and more. The best thing about this community is the genuine excitement and encouragement that is given to everyone, whether someone is running a 5k or a 100 miler. We all share our tips, advice, prayers, and really get excited to see each other reach a goal. There is competition, but not like on the roads. People are most interested in helping each other, more than just looking out for themselves.

  38. Jenn McLaughlin says:

    The trail running community is like a family. It amazes me the help and knowledge everyone has given me over the last 6 months. I have met so many incredible people in the community.

  39. Amanda Yates says:

    The want to help people makes this group special. The knowledge that people pass down to new runners like myself is invaluable. I have learned stuff that would have taken me years to learn.

  40. Kelli says:

    Plain and simple: the trail running community embraces ALL runners. It doesn’t matter if you are elite or back of the pack. It doesn’t matter if you are fast or more of a power hiker. It doesn’t matter if you are on the trails every day or just a weekend warrior. I have never experienced a group of people that genuinely cares so much about each other and is always eager to share in the experience, whether it’s as a runner, a crew member, a volunteer, or as a spectator.

  41. Michelle says:

    The support for all trail runners , not just ultra runners, from this group is amazing! I am a slower trail runner but I feel welcome and encouraged.

  42. Scott says:

    The trail running community is one of the most genuine communities of people I’ve had the honor to be a part of!

  43. Jason Lloyd says:

    Got into trail running about three and a half years ago and found that everyone encourages and supports one another I think this is fantastic it’s like a family I think being part of nature brings everyone together

  44. Christyn says:

    Support, information, encouragement, and validation! I love this group it has helped me stay focused, to stay on my eating and hydration regime, to realize we all have good and bad days, and to help me realize as runners we are the best support group ever!! We encourage all both fast, slow, young, old, rich, poor, etc. Nothing better to say than Universal Running Support!

  45. Steve Stokes says:

    This isn’t a community, this is a family. It’s unbelievable how much I’ve learned and laughed at from TAUR. Running selfies, shoe porn, simple questions, and lots of foot pictures. This group makes Facebook 2x better!


  46. Caryn says:

    The comaraderie in the trail running community is unlike what I have experienced elsewhere. It has a way of bring people togther. The support from this group is truly amazing!

  47. Tara says:

    I love the people I’ve met and the places my eyes have been opened to!

  48. Shawn Wussow says:

    Long runs through free and open wilderness relax my mind and bring such positive interactions.

  49. Jessica Brundige says:

    Acceptance is the most special thing about the community of trail and/or ultra running. This running community accepts everyone whether you are fast or slow, skinny or overweight, rich or poor, man or woman, young or old. There is a place for everyone and that’s what I love about it. After the events in Paris today, I think the world could learn a lot from this community.

  50. Krissy says:

    I always leave a trail race, no matter how tough, with a smile because the other runners are the most incredible people. Everyone feels welcome!

  51. Kristin Zosel says:

    The trail running community is awesome because nature has a way of stripping off the trappings and uniting us as we strive to journey forward along the grand adventure.

  52. Marcy says:

    Trailrunners have an awesome sense of adventure, appreciate and take solace in the outdoors, and take care of each other whether it’s a buddy of 5min or 15yrs.

  53. Nicole says:

    Running is the solo force we use for survival and pleasure. Period.
    Having a community that understands this and eagerly supports each person to stay healthy, recover, and prolong their fitness to tromp madly through this beautiful wonderful earth is worth more than anything.

  54. Corey says:

    While Trail running often takes each of us on long solo journeys of infinite diversity, the beauty of trail running is the communal aspect. Running is best enjoyed as a social activity, and what could be better than a gathering of people who love to explore the boundless naural world around us while also exploring deep within ourselves.

  55. sam says:

    Very supportive group of people. No matter where you are at in your journey these people always have loads of encouragement for one another. I have found my tribe. 🙂

  56. Doug J says:

    I appreciate the trail running community for adopting me as one of your own. I am excited for this coming Saturday when I will celebrate my trail runniversary. I am glad I took the plunge and I’m happy to say that I haven’t wanted to look back.

  57. Dirk Helfrick says:

    Trail running for me is the perfect combination of the quest for a healthy lifestyle and a love of nature. The trail running community embraces all skill levels and I personally have aquired many valuable training, nutrition and equipment tips from group member’s posts.

  58. Nick says:

    The trail running community is special because of our inclusive and accepting nature. It doesn’t matter our backgrounds, how fast we are, or how good we might be, we all love trail dunning which brings us together. Every trail race I’ve done every one is supportive and helpful. Everyone seems to encourage one another and try to bring up the next person. That is something special. It always seems we trail dunners are willing to share ideas and to tell one another what works for us, or what doesnt work so well for us. That willingness to help one another become greater is amazing.

  59. Lynne G says:

    My favorite part about about the trail running community is how welcoming and supportive everyone is. I love seeing all the photos that TAUR members post on the FB page from all over the world.

  60. Terran says:

    The group is really amazing. I belong to many FB groups, but few that are as supportive, respectful and fun as TAUR. And to maintain that at the size of this group is truly astounding! Just such a privilege to be part of this.

  61. Jo says:

    The Trail running community, a growing community of ‘natures wanderers at pace’ fast feet flowing along the trails, through the trees and bush, over hills and mountains, soaking up the views and fresh air. Alone, never seems alone on the trails, not having the need for a fully loaded iPod of music to help soak up the miles unlike on the road. When meeting other trail runners out on the trails there is a sense of ‘old friends’ we meet again, smile, wave and chat to that passing stranger. Likewise at races, there is the friendly chatter in the air of excitement, but more relaxed feel over all, once out on the course the support and cheers from the trail runners and volunteers broadens the smiles and gives the required boost. I for one am happy to be a part of such an amazing community. Trail Runners Rock!

  62. Jesse Bennett says:

    The trail running community is supportive and encouraging to all levels. I don’t ever feel like there are elitist attitudes and I never feel like I am being judged!

  63. Lauren says:

    What I’ve discovered is that the trail running community is such a welcoming community. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever run one mile before or regularly run 100 milers.

  64. Clint Lamb says:

    This community has taught me more about trail running than I could have ever imagined. What a great group of people and I still smile whenever I see a blue Gatorade:)

  65. Hector Reyes says:

    The trail running community is one of the most inclusive I have been a part of! It’s never about what race, color, religion, or nationality you are. It’s not even about how fast or far you can go. It’s about people with the same love and passion of the outdoors. It’s about people testing their limits while enjoying the beauty of nature. No matter what those limits are, we know they are very personal and unique to each individual and just the fact that anyone is out there pushing themselves to be a better person through running gains or respect, this community’s respect!

  66. Running is a spiritual thing for me; it centers me to the ground and helps to understand the world in a way only a runner can. Trail running brings us to the great outdoors and shows us a beauty only few will know.

  67. Clythie says:

    The Trail Running Community: People who run in nature and are not afraid to use Coca Cola for medicinal purposes. What’s not to love?

  68. Sandi says:

    Being connected via social media keeps me motivated to pursue greater challenges and it keeps me dreaming about the places I want to go.

  69. TJ Morabito says:

    I started running again a few years ago and since joining this group I have found myself wanted to go further than I ever thought I could. The people in this group are the most unbiased people. They only have words of encouragement to all that have joined. Thank you to all the administrators of TAUR and to each and every person that is a member.

  70. Jim says:

    New to this community, and happy to have found it!

  71. Amanda Tipton says:

    The TAUR community is awesome! Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful. The community supports all runners from beginners to 100 mile veterans. I’ve learned so much about nutrition, hydration, and training. I love seeing the stories and pictures from runners around the globe. Thank you much for creating such a great group!

  72. Breanna says:

    I sat in the Arizona Room, on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, sipping hot chocolate and scrolling through Facebook on my phone as I waited for my meal to arrive. How funny you should open your article describing a run through the Grand Canyon, one I had, only an hour before, completed myself. It felt like, reading the first paragraph, I am exactly where I need to be, just as I felt crossing the Colorado River yesterday morning.

    The Grand Canyon analogy is perfect; at 4 AM, two trail runners from New York flew past me, going down the Bright Angel trail, but not before sharing a couple of miles, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. Trail runners are a special breed – we care. We slow down and stop to gaze up at the stars and take in views as well as to take an interest in others. It is a selfless act to crew and pace another runner, and I know many that would not hesitate to offer should I ask. The friendships that are born from a trail run last longer than the miles shared; my best friend lives half the country away, but trail runners know that distance isn’t an issue. Trail runners aren’t afraid to put effort into things, not just their running, and aren’t afraid to get dirty – this is reflected in the countless hours of volunteer work that we put in on trails, at aid stations, marking routes, sweeping courses, and helping communities out. I know that wherever I go, the trail community is there to fall back on, and other runners know that they always have a place in my home as well.

    It is a community that selflessly supports but never takes each other for granted.

  73. Ali Schanhofer says:

    The TAUR community means the world to me! I have learned from the group and grown as a runner. I appreciate all the support & kindness that is shown to all its members. Runners are good people…but TAUR members are the best (I’m a little biased).

  74. Katherine says:

    I am new to trail running. I have begun the process of looking for good safe trails near me . I cannot wait to make the full transition to trails only.

  75. angie Payne says:

    Being a part of this community has really expanding my knowledge and love of trail running and ultras. It has enlightened me of what this beautiful country has to offer. I love traveling and racing! I have learned about different races from this community and it has lead me to some wonderful experiences and places to explore! I love everyone’s trail pictures, especially since where I live there are none. REALLY! I live in the Florida Keys. I have to create my own trails for now, but I am so excited to see what future trails I might be running. Thanks for putting this together and keeping it interesting! Hope to meet you sometime, somewhere on the trails!

  76. aj martineau says:

    Thanks for adding to sure a great community.

  77. Brad says:

    I love that trail runners are not just about racing, but communing with nature and with each other out on the trails.

  78. Dirk Helfrick says:

    Trail running provides the opportunity to embrace my love of nature and running all in one activity. I love the support the TAUR community offers in the form of indiscriminate acceptance of all skill levels. The knowledge I have gained concerning performance, nutrition and equipment advice from member posts has been invaluable.

  79. Katie says:

    The people! I truly have no friends I can count on like my trail friend family 🙂

  80. Katherine says:

    Community is the best part of trail running! I’m an ultra you can go out there not knowing anyone else on the course and when you cross that finish line, you will have lots of new friends. It’s rare to find complete strangers that you get along with so well but that’s what trail running does, it brings us together. You’re all out there suffering together and accomplishing things you never thought possible together, it creates a unique bond and great community.

  81. Christi Hartman says:

    I am new to the trail running community, but am loving it! After years of road running, I found the trails and have run my first ultra, which was an amazing experience! Everything from the other runners to the volunteers and organizers of the race; they were so warm and welcoming to me, very different from regular road races. I can’t wait to run more trail races!

  82. mallory says:

    I am new to the trail running community and what I have noticed most is how nice and friendly the people are. Everyone is cheering for everyone. Everyone is just trying to have fun. It makes me happy to be a part of this community.

  83. Erin says:

    I love how welcoming this community is. Everyone’s at a different point in their journey, but the support and inspiration abounds. Love it!

  84. Amanda says:

    The best thing about the TAUR is the support given to each other–I’ve never seen people so friendly, and so supportive in road races.

  85. Dylan says:

    The trail and ultra running community is important because you make mortal and physical friends while doing it and you also learn more about running along the way so keep it up congrats! #taur30k

  86. Mahnaz says:

    I love running solo. But I also love running with many tribes in the community. I find running trail community are some of the friendliest and funnies people I have ever met. They are just welcoming and know how to make you feel welcomed. We are also gross and have a few bad habits. 😀 😀

  87. Trail runners are the friendliest, happiest and best bunch of runners I’ve ever met. Out on the trail, it’s not every man or woman for themselves, it’s a group effort, with everyone out there to give their all, get their runs in and enjoy the usual amazing scenery that we are all so lucky to run through.

  88. Scott Perry says:

    I’m new to running (2 years) and have started to become more interested in trail running. I’ve only run one trail race (10 mile), but it was a great experience and everyone was so welcoming. No one really cares how fast you are – just that you are out there and putting in the work. I found the TAUR Facebook page about 1-2 months ago and have learned so much in that time. From shoes to nutrition to just overall increasing my interest in running trails and possibly tackling an Ultra next year. This community pushes all of it’s members to do THEIR best and to challenge themselves from what they thought possible. Yet, they are there for those who fall short of their goals to pick them up and get them going again. It’s a great thing to be a part of.

    Keep it up TAUR, you are reaching more than you realize through this page.

  89. Brenna Coupland says:

    The trail running community is truly awe-some! Although we strive to better our own times, accomplish our personal goals and reach the highest heights on our own two feet, the interconnectedness of the sport prevails above all else. We take care of the trails and pick up litter so that others can enjoy it after us, we help each other when someone is lost or hurt, give advice, encouragement and congratulations to those we race and train with and (hopefully!) inspire other runners and non runners alike to get out, appreciate nature, and take care of our planet 🙂

  90. Jacob says:

    TAUR is a community that I stumbled upon when I started getting interested in trail running. Since that time it has been a great source of inspiration and information. As I grow as a runner it has helped me and I feel like there is always a great group to fall back on for guidance.

  91. Lauren Morgan says:

    The start and finish of a trail run aren’t the things that matter. What matters is what happens in the middle. I adore this community and the fact that my struggles disappear when I’m running with my TAUR buddies.

  92. Jonathan Fleming says:

    The trail running community is very inclusive and supportive which makes for more mellow events. More than the community for me is the serenity of the experience of running the trails and the peace that I am able to find.

  93. Devin says:

    The thing that impresses me most about this community is the support of members at ALL levels. What a great family of friends we can rely on for support, encouragement, and advice!

  94. Erik says:

    I’ve raced road, triathlon and trail. Trail runners have always, ALWAYS, been more friendly and helpful in every way. Group runs, following each other on Strava, and trading routes and trails make for exciting hours out running and I look forward to continuing this habit for a very long time.

  95. Chad says:

    The best thing about the trail running community is how welcoming and helpful they are. If you ever need advice or help from a fellow trail runner they are always there to help.

  96. Rolf Guntert says:

    Living in the central valley of California, trail running isn’t necessarily a common sport. At least the town I’m from there are very few people that would consider themselves a trail runner. The beautiful thing about living in the central valley is that we are centrally located to many beautiful places to experience trail running such as Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Santa Cruz, Mt. Diablo, etc. Trail running allows me to take a break from road running and explore some of the more scenic terrains. Forge paths that most people wont ever see. It gives me the ability to share this experience with a select group of people that are adventurous, laid back, and enjoy the sport of running off the pavement.

  97. shaun armstrong says:

    I think the trail running community is one full of good will, general kindness, and openness. Trail runners are glad to help out a beginner. They give their advice freely. They have a kind word to say no matter what, and they make you hope that you can be one of them some day.

  98. Greg Watts says:

    Made my foray into ultras this year. Found the community to be awesome and very supportive! Many more races planned for this year!

  99. Sam says:

    The ultrarunning Community has provided me with welcoming arms and years of sage advice despite only being a noob. I can’t to interact more and help others as I have been helped.

  100. Ricardo says:

    Trail running to me brings me back to my childhood, when I used to run just because or run for enjoyment, barefoot with no fear. The trail running community to me is what running is all about, having friends or comrades that will always be there no matter what, rain, snow, heat…we will be there.

  101. Sharing the excitement & appreciation of the outdoors is something special that is in this community. When we are out running we become the environment & support those around us that share that passion. We train, we play, we volunteer & we do this all just because we love it.

  102. Daniel Sloan says:

    For years i was a member of a different community call AERC. is just like ultra running but with horses. I raced 50 and 100 mile races and competed in some of the best race in the States. The one thing that was so nice about it was the community aspect. We all sat around campfires, told stories, drank some beer, and then the next day time to race. When I quit horse racing (economic decision) I wanted to find something just like it, I missed it so bad. So while running to compete in my first marathon I heard about Ultra running. So I found what I was looking for, not just the running but the community of friends.

  103. Derren says:

    I find the Community of trail running to be so awesome due to its positive nature. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. There’s no negativity or competition. The Community is all about taking care of each other and sharing the joy of hitting the trails.

  104. Brian J Pac says:

    As a new runner the site has connected me to the community and helped me learn a ton. Thanks for everything.

  105. Perry Ligon says:

    I’m constantly amazed by the helping, supportive, welcoming and kind nature of the members of this community. Not just the runners, but their families and supporters, race directors and volunteers. People wonder why we do what we do and then they experience the environment this community fosters and it becomes obvious. The people in and around trail and ultra running make everything else about it extremely special and difficult to describe.

  106. Calum Neff says:

    The trail and ultra running community is family. Anywhere, anytime.

  107. Lynette says:

    I love how the running community is supportive and always so helpful.

  108. I think you have to be little weird/crazy/strange to be an trail and/or ultra runner. The TAUR FB page made me feel not so alone. Besides amazing training advice and laughs I find comfort in knowing there are weirdos all over the world who are so different from me but also exactly the same.

  109. Trail running isn’t just about a group of like minded people participating in the same sport/ hobbie. Trail running is so much more!

    Trail running is primal in that it taps into one’s soul. Trail running is enlightening in that one gets to witness our amazing environment. (And by the power of your own two feet!) Trail running is also about commraderie. Whether it be an excursion, training run or race, it can take the assistance from others to accomplish the goal. This assistance can be in the form of aid, encouragement or just the company of another runner.

    Regardless of the trail distance, these are the qualities that intricately weave the trail running community together.

  110. Cassie Brown says:

    The community of trail and ultrarunning is just one big family. We love the trails. We want to show others they way! We encourage each other, we give advice, we cheer each other up when we’re out of commission, we pep talk, we make recommendations, and we inspire each other through words and/or pictures. We’re all in it together and all love to do the same thing. We want to encourage others how awesome it is and to join our big family.

  111. Darren says:

    The true meaning of community, according to Google, a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals, is exactly what TAUR has become and seems to strive to be. Happy Trails!

  112. Brandon Bortoli says:

    I just started running this year, to get fit and do something I can be proud of, that I’d never done before. I wanted to run a marathon, and started a training plan. I signed up for a half marathon that aligned with my plan, and completed it. Around this time, I learned that a friend of mine from college was running “ultramarathons”, and insisted that I could, too. He also advised I start running trails, because although slower than streets, it’s easier on joints and more exciting than roads. Boy was he right! I became addicted, right away. I signed up for a 50k in early January, the Frozen Gnome, and vowed that I would do whatever it takes to get ready.

    My friend recommended I find running groups to get advice from, because I could tell he was overwhelmed by all my questions and really didn’t have the time to be my fulltime coach. I started looking on Facebook for local groups, but instead stumbled upon this, TAUR. I cannot express how awesome it has been to read gear reviews, hear of training plans, see pictures of successes and failures, and overall appreciate the journey that everyone has been on. I have only posted a couple times, most recently a picture of a giant pile of clothes that don’t fit after losing 40 pounds and shrinking from XXL to L in 7 months. I am just amazed at the support from others, complete strangers that only share the common love of trail running.

    Thanks for everything, I mean it.


  113. Matthew Brady says:

    Trail running is a way to really put yourself out there. We are all weirdos, jocks, artists, nerds, etc. But when we are on the trails, we are all one. We see each other when we are the most vulnerable and weak. It is these times when we encourage each other, build friendships, and keep each other’s spirits up. The sport doesn’t become competitive anymore, it becomes one giant family reunion.

  114. Alexis says:

    There is something different about Ultras, and trail running in general. The people you meet on the trail, whether during a training run or a race, are nice! They offer a friendly hello, and wave, and more if you would like. During Ultra races, while we are trying to do our best, Ultra Runners support each other, you don’t see this in road races and it’s sad. We all run for different reasons, and race different distances, but on the trail it never matters, we are there to help if you need, support when it gets tough, offer food/water and band-aids or TP! There isn’t the “all about me” mentality, and once you experience that community, nothing beats it, and you cannot go back!

  115. Hok says:

    Everyone is welcome!

  116. Miroslav says:

    All runners around the world are connected to their own small groups aspiring to either to go run together or to exchange information. They need a nodes like this that will power them in creating new links between them and all other interested sides, organizations, associations and industries. I am exited because I found this page just as I was looking for new people who are interested in running 🙂

  117. Terry says:

    The advice and support in the TAUR community is awesome, and I’ve loved being apart of it!

  118. Ryan Walker says:

    The trail running community has always amazed me. This is a group of folks that focuses more on beating their own demons rather than beating other runners. In the process runners not only help themselves, but help build up others as well. There is support all around, and everyone knows that crazy people need support 🙂

  119. Karen Carlo says:

    Recently I ran a 25K that was part of a 50K and 10K race. It was an out and back 25K that the 50Kers ran twice. Every time someone passed you they offered you words of encouragement or at least a wave. I love the comradery of trail races. You won’t find that at a huge street marathon!

  120. I am grateful to be a part of the amazing community of trail running.
    What I love most about this group is that the opportunities for service are always present. I try to volunteer for as races as those at which I run, and in doing so have met incredible leaders (people who have volunteered for years as race directors!), visionaries, and friends.
    I also greatly appreciate the opportunity to be outdoors and to witness nature and all of the seasons, one step at a time.

  121. Kat says:

    I love trail running because of the freedom and fresh air it provides. It is one of my favorite sports to share with friends!!!

  122. Taylor says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the running community since I started this crazy sport. However, it wasn’t until I started trail and ultrarunning that I really became convinced of the power this sport and the surrounding community has. From elites to mere mortals, this sport is filled with amazingly supportive, encouraging, and inspiring people. I’m grateful to be part of such an awesome group!

  123. Spring says:

    I love the ultrarunning community because they take care of each other, they don’t care how fast or slow a person is, and they know how to dig in to meet their goals, even when it means suffering. This seems to translate across life environments.

  124. Frank says:

    I really appreciate that the trail running community is so helpful. New runners like myself are welcomed in and everyone is encouraging and willing to share their expertise. I feel like I’ve made more progress than on trails than I have in a comparable amount of time in the road running community (does that make sense?) …

  125. Stephanie Johnson says:

    The trail running community is so supportive to newcomers…especially a late bloomer like myself (I’m 47). My 7yr old daughter and I have been pleasantly surprised & she is thrilled that I am participating in her favourite hobby!

  126. Jennifer says:

    The running community in general is made up of awesome people, but the trail runners take it to another level. I don’t know how many times I’ve been out on the trail and have received some encouraging words from my fellow runners.

  127. Debbie says:

    Trail runners care about the environment and truly care about other runners. And they show it–whether it’s encouragement during a run, or stopping to make sure someone is ok or needs help. I’m fairly new to trail running, and I have to say that the community is amazing. Happy running!

  128. Kelly Tipple says:

    As a newbie to running (started in March of this year), I found the sport of running can be intimidating to beginners. Walking into a running shop for the 1st time….without a clue. Signing up for your 1st race…..without a clue. Toeing the line for the 1st time….without a clue. It’s intimidating. However, once you hit the 1st trail and feel the freedom that comes with being away from the hassles of everyday life, you start to become comfortable. Then meeting fellow trail runners and joining a group like this where everyone has a PASSION for trail running really makes the newbie feel comfortable. Now….I am ADDICTED!! 85 lbs. lost to date and I can’t get enough. Always reading posts, asking questions and looking for new trails to conquer. THANKS for creating this site! And thanks to the many members who willingly share their passion!!

  129. Mary says:

    I joined this community about a year and a half ago. I have always gotten the best information and advice regarding training, racing, and gear. Everyone is so supportive and eager to help. I love having a place that I can share in other runners accomplishments and set backs and I can share mine.

  130. Dan says:

    The community of trail running is so special because trail runners enjoy the great outdoors and are friendly and encouraging to others on the trail.

  131. Matt says:

    The trail running community is special because we care about each other more than any community I can think of. We make each other better individually and a whole.

  132. Sarah says:

    Trail and mountain running for me is what “it’s” all about, sharing it with new and old friends is icing on the cake. There’s nothing better then that feeling of accomplishment at the end of an epic adventure, preferably toasted to with good IPA’s. Cheers to all of you runners out there!

  133. Tim says:

    For me it is a sense of community, and wonder. I always feel alive when I’m on the trails and when I can’t be out there it’s nice to see those that are. Simple as that.

  134. Cora Kirkpatrick says:

    While I am new to the trail running community, I am not new to the running community in general. I have found some of the most amazing people through the running community. Online and in person. Such a great sense of camaraderie, support and in general just a bunch of fabulous people. <3

  135. Trail and ultra running is an awesome tribe of people who enjoying running through nature. The vibe of the group is super laid back, fun, and inspirational. This is the place to be for newbies as well as seasoned veterans. I am glad this community exists.

  136. Melanie says:

    Just getting into trail running but I love the laid back nature of trail runners. Also the support and encouragment from the ultra/trail community. Looking forward to dipping my toes into the ultra pool this spring with my first 50k.

  137. Lonnie Carpenter says:

    I Love leaving behind the daily grind; helps me get grounded.

  138. Josh says:

    Legitimately useful advice on a whole range of things related to running.

  139. John says:

    In the grand scheme of things, at a measly 3-4 years, I’m new to the running scene, much less trail or ultra running, but the trail running community is honestly one of the best group of people I’ve ever met. All the people are supportive, and always kind. I may be new, but I’ve had an open mind, listened to those who have something to say, and learned more than I can even begin to say!

  140. Monoca says:

    It connects you with people and the world we live in.

  141. Eugene Hietpas says:

    This community has been an huge inspiration for me. I started running 4 years ago and a few friends mine got me into trail running. Because of this community I have made a four year plan to run my first 50K and hopefully 50 mile race. Thank you all.

  142. Shelby says:

    I love the trail community because everyone just wants to have a good time. People want to help each other become better runners, see beautiful places, and usually like to drink beer after 🙂

  143. Lisa says:

    As a back of the pack runner, I know I’m sometimes in the way when the faster runners are lapping me on a narrow trail. But they never make me feel bad. They say hello, encourage me, and keep moving along. Maybe one day, I’ll get faster and actually lap someone else. If it happens, I’ll make sure to make them feel just as welcome as the TAUR community has made me feel.

  144. Jessica Creech says:

    Road running is an individual sport. There’s nothing romantic or meditative about running on asphalt. When you run on the road, you run against your fellow runners, against time, against your last best effort. Road runners collect t-shirts and medals. There’s no appreciation for the beauty of your surroundings when you run roads, and road races are often scheduled to afford participants with optimal conditions. Road runners speak a language consisting solely of PRs and BQs.

    Conversely, running a trail is like having a conversation with the earth. She speaks to you through every pebble, every root and rut. You have to be mindful on the trail. A good trail will pick off the greedy and the selfish runners, leaving only those with the will to conquer her. Trail running allows you to slow down and be mindful, to experience the love of nature along with the love of running. The trail running community understands that we are all something greater than ourselves. We pick each other up when we fall, we convince each other that we have the strength and the fortitude to travel that extra 10, 20, 50 miles, and beyond. We remind each other that our bodies are capable of moving further than we could imagine. And trail runners belong to that community the second they step onto the trail. There’s no test, no qualifying time required to be a trail runner. Only the love of the trail.

  145. Hope says:

    I’m proud to be part of the great community of trail runners. We all seem to understand each other. We’re all instant friends and willing to help each other through it all. The strength, endurance and persistence that trail/ultra running requires changes any person. And when you bring us all together it’s surreal and immeasurable. I wouldn’t mean to say that we are better than any other group of people, but we belong together.

  146. Andre Mehan says:

    This community is my absolute favorite! First thing I do everyday is get my fix of trail pics and read the great updates from my co-runners. I have found some of my favorite trails through TAUR, and been inspired by the stories I have read. I have never met a more genuine group of people. Thank you for letting me be a part of the community!

  147. Amanda says:

    Entering contest!

  148. Alicia S Hare says:

    There is definitely a different dynamic with the trail running community. I have never felt as accepted nor admire more people then I have since becoming a trail runner. The pure joy, entertainment, sorrows, and adventures that trail runners experience, we experience them together. I love hearing the stories or “seasoned” trail runners to watching a “newbie” fall in love with the trails. It’s a family, dysfunctional at times, but a family!

  149. ryan says:

    I got into running when I lived in Oklahoma. A few years ago I moved to Denver, CO. I did the majority of my running on the street. I never go to many hello’s or hi’s from the people that I ran past. Last year I moved to Utah and I started doing some trail running. I have never met so many people that were so friendly. I was constantly talking with trail runners any time I was out on the trails. I have fallen in love with trail running. Its not just the scenery or getting of the street but the community of people that are out on trails.

  150. Tom says:

    Incredible lack of negativity for site of 30k. Great info. Amazing photos of others runs out west make me miss Colorado dearly.

  151. Juggling Joe says:

    The authentic support of runners of all abilities and interests.

  152. Kathleen says:

    TAUR is one of my favourite groups to be a part of on Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or you’re an elite runner, you’re treated as an equal. There is so much inspiration to be found daily. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this group through a running buddy.

  153. Terry says:

    Best people on the planet- it’s that simple

  154. Julie says:

    I love the sense of adventure of all the members and that everyone seems welcome in this community. It’s a whole different world from road running. Wish I would’ve found it sooner!

  155. Ashley O'Neill says:

    Love love love this community of people. I learn something and laugh every single day at something someone has shared. So glad I stumbled upon this group! Thank you TAUR!

  156. Camille Hershey says:

    I find the TAUR community extremely supportive; however, I run trails to refresh my body and soul.

  157. donna says:

    Community. that is the best part of the Running Community. Its family. Its the best that community can offer. So, I really could have said just one word. Best part? I have found a community were I belong.

  158. Cynthia says:

    I’m so inspired by runners in this group. It has been a great educational tool as well in learning some cool insights in to helping me become the runner I want to be.

  159. Satu says:

    All of the members in TAUR rock!
    And I love that I can be a part of that rocking.

  160. Kimberly says:

    I came across a small trail series two years ago. I was intrigued and knew nothing about trail running. I joined the series and was amazed by the challenges. I was amazed by the scenery, the hills, the creek, the trees, the rocks; nature’s awesomeness! I was amazed by the dedication of some, to run miles so effortlessly! I was amazed by the friendships of all. I was amazed by the encouragement given to beginners like myself. Trail running is unlike any other!!

  161. jess says:

    What I love best about the trail/ultra running community is acceptance. It doesn’t matter how far, how long or how many years you may have been running-everyone is a comrade.

  162. Kelly says:

    My local pack of trail runners is reliably funny, dedicated, hungry for challenges, and eager to push me to more adventures. I find that exponentially echoed in this TAUR community.

  163. Chris says:

    Trail running is special to the community because it breaks down social barriers. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, your race, gender, what you do for a living, religion etc. trail running allows you to be free

  164. Andrea webb says:

    Support and humor are by far the best

  165. Beth says:

    I enjoy all the comments from the trail running community. Sharing great places to run, awesome events, inspiration etc.

  166. Michelle Gochis says:

    The trail running community is like no other. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments, suffer with each other, cheer and motivate….i have met so many incredible runners out on the trails, and during races. It is an amazing group to be a part of.

  167. Susan says:

    I love seeing the posts and pictures from others in the group. It’s not only helps me get out the door and run, but also gives me great ideas for my next race!

  168. Jack Jones says:

    As a newb to trail running, the TAUR community has been invaluable to me. The Facebook page is an endless source of inspiration and knowledge and you’re always guaranteed a laugh. I have been really impressed by the willingness of members of the community to help each other out.

  169. Karen Bishop says:

    I love the trail running community! Such a close group of friends. I have found myself struggling on an ultra race or two only to have complete strangers check on me, offer me food or fluids, and one even stuck with me for the last 2 hours of a very difficult race. She could have finished way before me but she saw me struggling and chose to be my friend when I needed one most! I think that is what community is about. Being there for others even if we start out as strangers we finish as friends!

  170. Kathryn says:

    My first attempt at an ultra also happened to be a trail run. I was overwhelmed with the people at this event. Don’t get me wrong, I love being surrounded by nature, but the encouragement and camaraderie from this community is what keeps me coming back. Love it!

  171. Jesse says:

    I am honoured just to be a part of this great community!

  172. Aaron says:

    Thank you for creating a place for so many like-minded people to gather and share in community. It’s hard in my area, because there are few trails and fewer ultra-runners. TAUR gives me a place to learn from others, be inspired, and find information that I cannot find anywhere else. Thanks again!

  173. Bruce Hodson says:

    The TAUR community is quite reflective of the off-road community in cycling and running. We differ from their “roads only” brethren in our less competitive nature around “racing”. Those become more of a social gathering than a competition. Also, we tend to be very liberal (and opinionated) on training, food, trails, gear…

    We’re just good peeps, full fucking stop.

  174. Jay says:

    It’s really simple. Trail runners do it I the woods, and TAUR members do it more often. 😁

  175. Anthony says:

    I have found that the trail community is the most gracious, giving, and supported groups. I have given, and received things without being asked or prompted by either party. The friendly nature found while engaged on the trail in something that I have not had either in the road running, or cycling groups. It must be because each one of us has a deep connection with the environment that we are in that brings us together.

  176. Phoebe says:

    I love the community. I love that I can run alone or with a group, or both at the same time. And of course, I love being on the trail.

  177. Annie says:

    This community of trail and ultra runners is truly one of a kind. The generosity everyone shows to each other in the form of advice and support is the exact culture you find on the trails and during races. The amount of knowledge I have gained from scrolling through comments and asking questions of my own is unreal and I appreciate it every day! And then there is all that trail porn, showing the most beautiful places around the world, and leaving me wanting to explore more and more of our planet. One aspect of this group that I find to be the most special are the opportunities to actually meet other TARUians at races and events. It is such a neat feeling to take a virtual connection through social media, and turn that into a friendship in the flesh. This group allows that to happen simply by the excitement and passion we all share for running and the outdoors, and I hope to meet you out there!

  178. Greg says:

    Craig Lloyd, you are a God among men.

  179. Mary says:

    I love trail runners. I only recently started running ultras and trails, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the support, positivity, and community trail runners have.

  180. Drew says:

    I have followed TAUR for quite some time, but only since this spring can I say I ran my first race that wasn’t a road race and also a distance longer then a marathon, FTPR 50K, I did maybe 2 or 3 runs on the same trails the couple weeks before. That said I have learned to appreciate running and especially the trail running community so much more since then. Not knowing anyone at the race I made the usual small talk with the guy beside at the start line. We started running and talking as we had more in common then I could have imagined and all of a sudden we were half way done. I dropped behind and was running alone for a while till about the last 5 miles when I caught up to a group of 3 and jumped in line with them to finish out the race. I don’t know what would have happened without the chatter and encouragement that all happened those last 5 miles, again 4 total strangers, but all had a common goal that was not just to finish but make sure that everyone around us made it to the finish. This was so different from any road race I had ever run. I appreciate this group as I have gained much running knowledge and have a completely different view of running then what I did previously. Thanks to the admins and all involved in making this TAUR group a success as it is pleasure to be a part of.

  181. Eric says:

    The running community is great overall, but trail running brings a new perspective. I have only been trail running for just over a year after starting running a few months prior to that. Seems to me, trail runners are even more open to accepting you for you and helping you along the way. I have gotten some great advice from my fellow trail runners. I don’t think I could have accomplished some of the distances I have done without this great community.

  182. Scott says:

    I started running strictly as a road runner. Prior to that my main exercise / hobby was mountain biking. Looking back I’m amazed it took me so long to discover trail running, basically merging my two favorite activities. What’s so great about it? The simplicity, the sense of accomplishment, seeing and exploring new areas, the freedom of running independently or with a group; competitively or for fun. . . Should I go on?

  183. Bill says:

    As a collegiate runner everything was competition and nothing less than hard work dedication blood sweat and even tears which was all fine and dandy but now that I’m done with all that and am now coaching for the same team I once ran on. I love now how I can go to a trail race and things are more laid back and everyone can be a lot more respectful and just warmer and inviting.

  184. Taylor says:

    Everyone is welcoming and willing to talk. It doesn’t matter if you run 5k distance or 100 miles. Everyone is willing to share, learn, and grow.

  185. Ellen says:

    Trail running is about living outside the boarders of our humble rental carbon bodies on a timescale larger than human decades. Trail runners stop for beauty, strangers, to help (because what is ten minutes on a seven hour run?!) The run itself, in Nature and joy, in the day and night in rain and sun, alone and together, is a celebration of movement and nature and Life, which isn’t always easy, pretty, or comfortable. Trail runners make a tough, joyful, conscientious community with powerful outdoor ethic. Mm, and don’t forget the mud. Gotta love the mud! 🙂

  186. Spencer says:

    I think what makes the trail running community so special is how supportive that everyone is. We compete against others, but our main competitor is ourselves, and it’s always neat to see the encouragement and help that every single person is more than willing to offer. I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other community!

  187. Amanda says:

    I’m grateful to learn about all the different races and runs to look forward to! We are such a unique subset of running, it’s fun to be a part of a community that’s so far-flung but we all share a common language of running and a passion for nature.

  188. Jeff Fullmer says:

    I almost deleted my Facebook account last month. Instead of my newsfeed being filled with gratitude and thanksgiving posts all month it was filled with diatribes, bitterness and a general feeling of despondency.
    One of the lights in the bleak shadows of social media burned from the TAUR group posts. They kept me positive and motivated. They kept me from tearing down my social wall. What a phenomenal group of average human beings striving to become more of what is needed in this world.

  189. Karen Slovak says:

    Each person in this running community brings a special gift. And, everyone i made to feel special here! This is the brand of TAUR…acceptance. No matter what our goals or situation runners on this page are willing to step in and offer advisement, support, encouragement, and motivation. This community is truly a gift!

  190. Patty says:

    Your organization provides a great way to keep in touch with other runners who share the common passion for ultra running! i’m so glad to have found a way to keep in touch with the ultra community.

  191. Patty says:

    Your organization provides a great way for those who share the passion for ultra running to keep in touch. I am so glad to have found this running community.

  192. Gray says:

    The greatest thing about trail running and ultra running is the way the emphasis really is put by the community on the experience. It often becomes less about the finish time and more about the finish itself. Everyone encourages and teaches rather than flaunt their ability.

  193. John says:

    I love the trail running community. It dopes not matter if you are fast or slow, experienced or inexperienced. We all come together to help each other and cheer each other on.

  194. Rebekah says:

    The trail running community is a unique family in that it allows you to run through the woods at all hours of the day or night. What’s not to love about people who allow you to run barefoot, or in flannel, who encourage you to eat real food at aid stations, and find it perfectly acceptable to go days and days without sleep or a shower or shaving?

  195. Adi says:

    Trail runners challenge, support, advise, encourage, and inspire each other. They cheer their fellow runners, even when in competition with one another.

  196. Gretchen says:

    having come to trail running after a career in triathlon and road racing, I found my magic happy place-and then, to find a community this large of likeminded souls that keep me motivated, inspired, enlightened, and informed. Thank-you for having that vision to bring us all together virtually-Thanks Taur family!

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