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July 12, 2021 Comments (0) Adventure Running, Featured, FKTs, inspiration, Race Reports, Training, Ultra Badasses

Climbing Three Iconic Volcanoes in Four Days

18 years ago I had planned to go to the Pacific North West with my friend, Scott Wesemann, to climb Mt Rainier and Mt Hood in a single week. It was an ambitious goal that ultimately never came to fruition due to conflicts I was having at home. The opportunity never presented itself again.
Fast-forward to 2021. Myself and Scott vowed to return, this time with Sam Jewkes in tow. Now, seasoned ultra-runners and peak-baggers, we upped the stakes with a goal to climb three of the most iconic Cascade volcanoes in just four days – Mt Rainier (14,410 ft), Mt Adams (12,276 ft), and Mt Hood (11,239 ft). Everything would have to fall into place perfectly for this accomplishment to take place. Very few people attempt Rainier in a single push, most take 2-3 days to complete it. Adams is similar. And with only a single rest day between the hardest and most technical peak (Rainier) and Adams, we’d have to also be feeling great and ready to tackle a new challenge each day.

We were lucky enough to have some great support from incredible brands – Insta360 (all video was shot on their cameras), La Sportiva, and Ultimate Direction. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Here is the video of the entire experience.

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