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IMG_4684 April 10, 2015

3 Essential Form Tips – From the Waist Up

Bring up FORM in a discussion with other runners and nearly everyone will

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IMG_1291 January 5, 2015

Avoiding Burnout – Next Season Starts Now

For many runners the winter months are figuratively and literally dark

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Sunset Peak December 15, 2014

Finding your way in the Dark

During the winter, many of us are hampered by the dwindling daylight, which

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bushidos November 4, 2014

When Runners Mountaineer

Photos of mountain running and high alpine ridges flood my social media feeds.

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Red Castle Running August 21, 2014

Women’s Guide to Safety While Trail Running

Women’s safety and concerns regarding sexual assault has been a growing topic

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IMG_3439 (1) July 8, 2014

Nathan Hydration Firecatcher Race Vest

Miles run (so far) –

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JE Bighorn June 18, 2014

Bighorn 100 Pre-Race Photo Reflections

This morning I awoke before my 4:50am alarm. I drowsily stumbled around, threw on

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Renee in the Nathan VaporShadow June 13, 2014

Nathan Hydration VaporShadow/VaporCloud – Review

Miles used (so far) – 617 miles


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