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TAUR is Community. The experiences we have out on the trails are defined by the people we run with and are inspired by every day, and we are driven by the support and engagement of the Trail and Ultra Running community.




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Running 100 100-Milers: Susan Donnelly Interview

October 5, 2017 Comments (1) Featured, Interviews, Runner Spotlight, Ultra Badasses

What does it take to run 100 miles? Planning, training, preparation, partnering, stamina, grit, determination, and a slew of other words that would somehow not quite seem to fully capture it. So what does it take to run a 100-mile, race 100 times? Very few can say. Susan Donnelly is one

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December 19, 2016

Running community raises funds for one of its own who...

On November 25 — a date known to most of the world as “Black Friday,” Chicago

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September 27, 2016

From broken to 100

I hoped for a strong year. I believed I could have it. January was the month I was

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