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November 20, 2017 Comments (5) Coaching, inspiration, Training

3 Essential Ingredients to Running Really Far

There are probably more than 100 different components that go into becoming a successful trail and ultrarunner. Not all of them are required and most can be learned over time. In my experience, however, there are three core characteristics that are essential to becoming a successful long-distance runner. They will allow us to continue when it’s the middle of the night on a dark and lonely stretch of trail, when our stomachs have gone south and we are unable to keep anything down, or when we’ve fallen so far off of our goal time that we begin to ask ourselves whether or not there is even a reason to continue. These three characteristics define us as ultra runners and are an absolute prerequisite for success.

I Like Me

When running alone for hours on end you spend a lot of time in your own head, even if you have music playing. You have to like the person you are with if you aren’t going to break down and crumble. Self-doubt and negative thoughts have no place in ultrarunning. You can only run so long on anger and self-deprecation before those thoughts take a physical toll on the body. Truly great runners like who they are and appreciate what they can do.

Better Your Best

A key characteristic that binds all driven runners is the desire to better themselves. I’ve always said, “the difference between Joggers and Runners is PURPOSE”. Whether we want to run faster, farther, or better, we always have a goal in mind and it is always based on continual improvement. We have the drive to test ourselves, to find our limits, and then push them beyond what we thought possible.

Refuse to Quit

This is actually my motto. In fact, my personal website is based around this ( Anyone who has finished a run beyond a distance they felt they were uncertain they could complete understands this concept. There comes a time in any long run or race when we’ve questioned our ability to finish and asked ourselves whether we should quit. Yet, we went on to finish. And why? Because we refused to give up when everything in us and around us conspired to drive us to quit.

Authors and experts can write for hours about fitness, nutrition, gear, and motivation (and we do!). Those things can be learned through coaching and research, and often in a relatively short period of time. However, the three items listed above tend to be more innate, ingrained, and completely invaluable. You may not agree now or have had limited success without one of those three, but I believe you’ll find that there will come a time when you realize just how important they are. If you find you are lacking in any of these three areas it is highly suggested you make it a central focus. When you reach that moment in a long run or race where it becomes essential for you to finish, you’ll be glad you gave it the attention it deserves.

Four close friends running every step of the Bryce 100 together.

Four close friends running every step of the Bryce 100 together.

5 Responses to 3 Essential Ingredients to Running Really Far

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  2. Great points. I like the angle and concept.

  3. Kevin says:

    i may fall into the jogger definition then, but that’s ok. it’s been working out for me so far.

  4. scott says:

    Thanks for this site… Exceptional!
    I read in a book titled “being geek” there are 3 things you should judge yourself or what a job offers in opportunity…
    Technical proficiency. Can I learn or develop better skills.
    Do I deliver on what I promise…
    is there personal or professional growth…am I growing…

    your comments support this nicely. The ultra provides all of these opportunities.
    it’s always in 3s. Easy to remember.

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