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September 29, 2016 Comments (1) Featured, Gear Reviews

Camping Made Easy Part 2 – with Katadyn, Lifestraw, and Rinse Kit

Whether adventure running or racing, starting lines frequently offer a place to camp.

Katadyn BeFree Soft Flask Water Filter

TAUR Rated – 4.5

The Katadyn BeFree soft flask filter is the perfect combination of easy-to-use and water safety. With a built-in hollow fiber EZ-Clean filter in the mouthpiece, you can fill the flask and then insert the filter. Without the filter it holds up to 16oz and fits in most running vest chest pockets. When not in use it is compactable and lightweight and can be easily stored.

From out Testers

Erik – “The filter was great. Very easy to use. Wide mouth for quick filling. Water came out of the nozzle easily, without having to squeeze the flask hard. In fact, all I had to do was tip it upside down and gravity would take care of water coming out, but with its snap cap in place, here was no leaking. I drank out of streams and lakes in the high Uintas where there had been a heavy amount of sheep grazing and I did not get sick later!!! Only negative is that with a 12-16 oz flask, the actual filter took up a bit of space, making for not as much actual water carrying capacity.”

Craig – “The thing that surprised me the most was how easy it was to use. Unlike other hollow fiber filters that require you to suck pretty hard to get out the water, this was comfortable and provided a high level of flow. I carried it deep into the back country on several occasions and was impressed with how easy it was to fill and use.”


Hydrapak Seeker 3L Reservoir

TAUR Tested – 4.0

The Hydrapak 3 L Seeker is a great solution for ultralight, backcountry water storage. It collapses down to the size of a fist, weighs only 2.1 oz, has a wide, 42 mm mouth for easy filling and pouring. It can be frozen or filled with warm water, and when filled and left in the sun for a few hours, warms water to a comfortable temperature to wash with.

The mouth also fits the Katadyn BeFree water filter nozzle perfectly, allowing it to be used for large volume, easy to use backcountry filtration.

Hydrapak 3L Seeker

The optional Hydrant Tube Kit (included in the Trek Kit) is designed to allow the user to convert the hydration reservoir into a shower/rinser by dispersing water when the reservoir is hung up high, making for a great solution for a quick back country shower.


Lifestraw Go – $49.95

TAUR Rated – 3.5

The Lifestraw Go is a 2-stage filtration system incorporated into a 20oz water bottle. Incorporating a hollow fiber and replaceable activated carbon capsule to reduce flavor and increase filtration, the Go offers the ultimate in convenience and safety, filtering down to 0.2 microns. Available in 5 colors, the Go is stylish enough to take the gym or around town. It also comes with a carabiner to hang from your pack.

TAUR testers used the bottle, both in the back country and at the gym. While convenience and safety won the day, one thing they all agreed on was that it was extremely difficult to suck water through the straw. It took time to get used to it and testers learned that they needed to suck slowly and not too hard for it to truly be effective.

The Lifestraw Go is also on the heavy side (9oz empty and 2lbs 1oz full of water). Oddly enough, the weight isn’t in the filter, but in the heavy plastic lid. If you think it about, however, you’d get that weight or more carrying separate devices for water storage and filtration. So it ends up being close to a wash.

Lifestraw Go

Rinse Kit – $89.99

TAUR Rated – 4.5

It’s like it was created by a trail runner from the desert. We can’t count the number of times TAUR testers have had to dirtbag it in a river or trailhead bathroom to rinse the dirt off and get to work. The Rinse Kit provides a way to avoid that uncomfortable (and often very chilly) step.

This 2 gallon tank fills from an outdoor faucet in just 2 minutes and provides a continuous 3 minutes of spray without the need for pumping or pressure. Don’t ask us how they do it, it’s science, and we don’t comprehend complex thought processes while running. But we sure like being clean.

Rinse Kit Connection

If there is one drawback to the Rinse Kit it’s that it is large and weighty enough to take up space in your trunk. It can also tip over while you drive, so be careful taking those turns or secure it before taking off. Other than that, it has out stamp of approval.

Rinse Kit Rinse

Final Thoughts

There is so much to offer in the world of easy camping these days. Whether you need to stay dry, get wet, stay hydrated, or see in the dark, there are new and exciting products out there to make your camping experience easier. We hope that you have found these quick reviews helpful in planning your next trip.

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