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February 22, 2017 Comments (0) Featured, Gear Reviews, Uncategorized

Decibullz Wireless Earphones – REVIEW

Price – $120

TAUR Rated – 4.0

The Decibullz Custom-Fit Bluetooth Wireless Earphones were created to allow users the ability to create a fully custom fit, noise reducing, earbud that fits specifically to their ear. These small in-ear headphones are made of machine built metal and a moldable thermoplastic to fit perfectly to the wearers ear. A bluetooth design that will connect to any compatible device, it also has an easy to use controls and will even accommodate voice control.

The process to mold the plastic earpieces was much easier than expected, and the resulting fit was better than expected. The earphones are sweatproof and water resistant. This often means they still get slippery and fall out of your ears, but not Decibullz. More than 100 miles of running were put on these headphones and another 5 hours of bike riding. Not only did they not fall out, they never even came loose.

Sound quality is equal to any of the top brands on the market and noise reduction makes it great for using them on road runs, air travel, or if you just need to drown out your kids for a while. And at $120 the price-point is solid for the everyday user.

As fantastic as they are, we had two major issues with the headphones. First, the battery life on continuous use was around 2.5 hours. While that seems standard, it’s not super great for someone who runs 3-5 hours a couple of times a week. The earphones provide a series of beeps every 5-10 minutes as the battery wears down. We expected this to happen for maybe 30 minutes, but on two occasions it on for well over an hour before the batter wore out. Ultimately, it was just annoying. One to two warnings is more than enough.

Second, the bluetooth connectivity struggled if the phone wasn’t in “line of sight” or was being bounced around. Trail running often shakes things up, and as a BMX rider also there is a tendency to rattle the phone and headphones. Breaking up and gaps in sound were frequent. We attempted to disconnect and reconnect, but that didn’t seem to change anything. Giving it the benefit of the doubt that this one model was faulty, we didn’t take too much away from the quality of the overall score.

Ultimately, with a few tweaks – longer batter life being the most important – this could be the leading headphones on the market. The moldable earbuds are truly amazing and the price seems to be just right.

For more information on these great headphones, click HERE.

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