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July 22, 2014 Comments (1) Featured, Gear Reviews

GORE Running Apparel- “Magnitude” Series

Total miles (so far) – 120

In a world full of tons of different apparel companies, it’s hard to find one that sticks out. I’m always in search of that perfect short and perfect singlet. I know what I want in my mind but I’ve yet to find it ANYWHERE in the market. When the opportunity came up to try out GORE Running Apparel, I was stoked to give it a shot.

GORE is well known for products other than running apparel. In fact, their apparel is only a couple of years old. Just like their other products though, they maintain nothing but high quality and attention to detail. I was able to test a full kit from their Magnitude line. Being their more premier line, my mouth salivated at the split short and singlet combo.

It definitely did not disappoint! Although this review is specifically for the Magnitude 2.0 Split Short ($59.99), Magnitude 2.0 Singlet ($59.99) and the X-Running Light Windstopper Active Shell Jacket ($169.99), any piece in their Magnitude line or X-Running line will share traits and quality.

Fit and Feel- 4.5

Getting ready for some big miles as Zion National Park

Getting ready for some big miles as Zion National Park

The materials are absolutely high quality. They were extremely comfortable and lightweight. Gore even went as far as venting the front of the splits with a higher quality material and a more breathable mesh backside. The same treatment was used for the singlet with a tougher but still very light and breathable material up front with the entire sides and back with a very breathable mesh material.

I was able to order the sizes that I normally wear and they fit just as I expected performance pieces to fit. The top was a little snug, as it said on the website, so if you like a looser fit then I would suggest stepping up a size. The jacket fit very similar to the singlet as far as size is concerned.

Gore Top

Magnitude 2.0 Singlet ($59.99)

Appearance- 5

Maybe I’m a just a little biased but I thought I looked pretty awesome. Luckily for you, I have an extremely honest wife and running group who all felt the same way. This is definitely a fast looking set up. It’s got all the right lines and a few accents here and there to accent the natural body contours. The best part about all of GORE’s line ups is that they tend to stick with similar themes and styles in their pieces. So while I prefer the Magnitude 2.0 Split Shorts, you can get the same look with other pieces.

Maybe I’m a little biased… but I look pretty good there

Maybe I’m a little biased… but I look pretty good there

 Functionality- 3.75

While these did exactly what they were designed to do, there wasn’t much else about them. This was a performance set up and was designed for speed works and racing. Although the singlet I used didn’t have them, the Magnitude 2.0 T-shirt has a couple lower back pockets that would be handy for quick nutrition storage or anything else that’s a little small.

The jacket was dang near waterproof and almost completely windproof as well. The only downside to that is that it didn’t breath as well, which made it warmer than I anticipated. It was super handy when going up and down peaks and really windy exposed saddles in the early spring and I imagine I’ll use it almost all winter as well. It packed up in its own little storage pocket so it stored super easily.

Gore Short

Magnitude 2.0 Split Short ($59.99)

Quality- 4.5

GORE knows how to make the best in whatever they do. This apparel line is no exception. The attention to detail and materials that were used definitely were of the quality that I would have expected. All of the pieces had taped flat seems to prevent chaffing and save on weight. I know this sounds a little cliché, but you can feel the quality of this outfit. But that quality does come with a price.

Gore Jacket


X-Running Light Windstopper Active Shell Jacket ($169.99)

Value- 4

It was hard to really quantify this one. At $59.99 each for the top and bottoms and $169.99 for the jacket, it’s definitely on the higher end of the market. However, in my experience with years managing run specialty stores, quality of these pieces is definitely worth the price. These have honestly been some of the best clothing I’ve put on through any amount of miles.

X-Running Windproof Jacket and my hot wife on Ensign Peak

X-Running Windproof Jacket and my hot wife on Ensign Peak



This score wasn’t surprising. I knew from the try on that this was going to be a winner and I can totally understand why Altra Footwear decided to deck their elites out in Gore Apparel. If it’s good enough for Nick Clark then it’s definitely good enough for me. I’m confident that if you give Gore a chance, you won’t be disappointed.



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  1. Igor says:

    I can recommend you GORE Men’s X-Run Ultra Shorts. They are very comfortable and totally fantastic.

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