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July 14, 2014 Comments (2) Gear Reviews

JWalking Running Kilt – Review

“You should run in a kilt”, they said.

“It will be fun”, they said.

And you know what? They were right.

A couple of months ago JWalking reached out to us and asked if we’d do a test of their new running kilt, along with their active wear running button-down hawaiian style shirt. Upon receipt of two of each in the mail, they were immediately distributed between myself and our head Review Coordinator – Zac Marion. Neither of us have much shame and are known for willingly running in just about anything (see our How to be an Ultra Runner video to better understand). In addition to the kilts JWalking sent us two women’s running skirts, which will show up in our comparative skirt review in a few weeks. 

Zac and I put the kilts and shirts to the test, running in them frequently among the 11,000 foot giants of the Wasatch Mountain range. Specifics to the details of the tests are listed below, but we will preface these results with an overwhelming ‘thumbs up’ for JWalking Running Kilts.

The Running Kilt – $62 

Fit & Feel- 4.5

This category takes into account things like fabric, softness, moveability, breathability, and more. We found that the kilts were soft and moved well under duress. Like a true kilt, there is no liner short inside, leaving the wearer to determine what goes underneath…be prepared to answer that question too.


Hitting the trail in the JWalking Running Kilt

“Spot on fit. The materials were very comfortable and breathed surprisingly well. This is exactly what you would expect it to be fitwise but the feel was quite impressive. The only MINOR complaint, the waistband was a little wider than I would have liked.” – Zac

“Now I understand why women run in skirts, holy cow! The movement is downright brilliant. These kilts were very soft and rode well, with a superb fit. My biggest concern was that the waistband would roll inside the fabric. Adding a few sewn lines would reduce that.” – Craig

Appearance – 5

It’s a kilt, for goodness sake. JWalking actually does a better job of making this look like a kilt than a few other companies we researched. This alone sets them apart from the other companies who claim to offer a kilt.

“I’ve tried other “kilts” before and they were surprisingly a little bit of a let down… essentially a just a skirt. This company took the extra step to make this a legitimate sport kilt with premium sport materials, without sacrificing the look and design of a traditional kilt.” – Zac

“I’ve worn another brand of kilt. It was, by all appearances, a skirt. This is actually a kilt, pleats and all. Absolutely fantastic.” – Craig

Functionality- 4.25

We are likely not the best authorities on how a skirt (let’s be honest, a kilt is pretty much a skirt) should function. The Running Kilt offers a rear zip pocket and an elastic waistband. If you are looking for something to bushwhack in, this is probably not the item for you.

“This was way more useful than I anticipated. Not only can I run in it in all weather conditions, summer or winter, but I can also use it in the parking lot as a cover to change into my work clothes. Works great!” – Zac
“I had a tough time getting the zipper pocket closed. And sometimes the kilt would rotate when I ran. Overall though, it actually functioned as it should. The pocket held a gel without bounding and it was obviously easy to get in and out of.” – Craig

Quality- 4.5

Their fabric is made from 84% recycled fabric and 16% spandex. We got the skirts dirty, wet, rubbed them over rocks, and more. They seemed to hold up quite well and everything came back from a washing looking good as new.

“You can tell this company has spent the time and attention to make a great product. Aside from quality materials and stitching, the design was well put together.” – Zac
“I’m pretty hard on fabrics, so I was definitely impressed how well the skirt held up. As mentioned previously, the waistband would roll inside the fabric when I ran and I was concerned it wouldn’t go back into shape after a wash, but each time it responded perfectly well.” – Craig


Value- 5

JWalking Running Kilts are $62. That’s only slightly more than a really good quality running short. Enough said.


“I expected a little bit of a higher price than a pair of running shorts given the amount of attention that needs to go into kilts, so I was shocked to find that the cost was so reasonable.” – Zac
“At $62 this kilt is a steal. I’ve done the comparative on this, and this comes out as just about the cheapest one. And likely the best made. Absolutely brilliant.” – Craig

Overall – 4.5

We loved it, simple as that. Running in a kilt is liberating, airy, and honestly, stylish. JWalking Running Kilts bridge the gap between function and fashion. So feel free to stand out at your next race or large group run, you won’t be disappointed. Just don’t ask what’s on underneath!


In honor of JWalking’s 1 year anniversary and for TAUR readers only, JWalking offers a 10% discount on your next purchase – TrailandUltra image

Men’s Running Shirt – $67

We chose not to go through the formal review of the shirt as we didn’t want to draw too much attention away from the skirt, but it is worth some discussion. These shirts were tested in multiple situations, everything from running buff trails through Aspens and pines to 11,000 ft peaks in the Wasatch and other ranges. One of the great things about the shirt is that it can be buttoned and unbuttoned at will. This was a real eye-opener for us as it truly opens the door to better running, offering a much greater advantage to heat regulation than with just a normal t-shirt.


Made from the same combination of recycled materials and lycra, the Hawaiian Running Shirt is durable and comfortable. And trust us when we tell you that you will stand out in a crowd. The shirt is loud and slightly obnoxious. But maybe that’s what it is all about these days, setting yourself apart from the crowd of other lemmings who are preparing to run off into the void. Ultimately, trail running is about you and the dirt beneath your feet, you should have a way to set yourself apart from nature.

Standing apart in the Hawaiian Running shirt

Standing apart in the Hawaiian Running shirt


Personally, I can say that I am now a convert to the concept of a button-down running shirt. If I have one gripe, it’s that the collar on the Hawaiian Running Shirt is a bit floppy. It would bounce up and hit the side of my neck or ear. It was aggravating only in the sense that it kept feeling like I had a fly or mosquito on my, so I’d swat at it, hoping to brush it off, only to realize what it actually was. If that is the biggest negative, then the value of the shirt is spot on. If you haven’t yet heard of JWalking, we recommend you head over to their website and find your future product now.




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  2. Men In Kilts says:

    Men in Kilts was started in Vancover, Canada in 2002 By Nicholas Brand with just $500 , a rusty old Honda, and a hand-sewn kilt. In 2006 Brent Hohlweg and Nicholas Brand Partnered to rebrand, with the intent of franchising across North America.

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