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Hemp Daddy’s CBD Oil Review

CBD oil seems to be all the rage with athletes nowadays. Regardless of discipline, people all over are interested in trying or at least hearing about the potential benefits of CBD oil. We were approached by Hemp Daddy’s to do a proper test and review of their Oil and Transdermal Lotion.

For those who are looking into CBD therapy, it’s good to understand a few things.


Most notably, people will use CBD as a pain reliever. While not intended to replace something like ibuprofen or other NSAIDs, CBD can be used for minor aches and pains commonly associated with over-use injuries, something we, as trail runners, know something about. However, it is also used to treat anxiety and depression, fighting acne(1), lessen the impacts of neurological disorders, sleep aid, and has even been found to alleviate some cancer-related symptoms(2).

Types of CBD Therapy

There are probably a lot more ways to take CBD than you think. Most of the population are used to seeing it available in drops (or “tinctures”), but lotions are also very common, along with capsules, sprays, and even vapes. There are others, but we simply don’t feel the need to address them here.

We tested both the tinctures and the lotion. Here is something to note about the tinctures that may help with effectiveness (something we didn’t know until after the test period but could have been very useful). While the drops are intended to be placed directly in your mouth and for best results under your tongue, we have recently learned that it’s even more effective if NOT swallowed immediately. Studies have shown that for best results the person taking tinctures should place a few drops under the tongue or next to the cheek and let the oil soak in.

Tinctures or concentrates are known to be the most effective way to take CBD as they contain the fewest additives to distribute the product. The lotion is generally used to target a specific area but can provide similar results to the tinctures if used on a regular basis and in the right quantities. Our tip for using the lotion is to really focus the area in which you are using it and continue to do so for several weeks. If done so, you’ll see results. If your usage is intermittent and not in high enough quantities (don’t lather it on like Ross, from Friends, but you know what we mean) you won’t see any improvement.

What to Expect

Now for the actual review. Our results, while in line with other CBD reviews, are specific to Hemp Daddy’s, so we will make an effort to be specific to the brand, where possible.

Hemp Daddy’s was started by Caleb Simpson, a father of three and an avid ultra runner. He knows our sport and like us, has dealt with chronic joint pain as a result of years of training and racing. After listening to a podcast on the benefits of CBD he gave it a try and the results (for him) were staggering. However, after doing considerable research, he found that most of the products out there were lacking in either the appropriate concentration or additional ingredients to make them worth taking. Thus, Hemp Daddy’s was born.

As for our opinion on Hemp Daddy’s and CBD in general, here’s the quick and dirty – it works, simple as that. Does it change the world for you? Probably not, but if taken at the right dosage and done correctly, you will feel a noticeable difference.

Our main tester, Craig, is a 46-year-old male who runs an average of 45 miles per week with 8,000 – 10,000 ft of vertical gain and runs 1-2 100 milers a year. In the first few weeks of taking the product, he saw a noticeable difference in his ability to sleep through the night, something that had come difficult in the last 10 years. Yet, he didn’t see any significant improvement with joint aches. After a quick discussion with Caleb himself, it was recommended that he double the dose, as many runners have a high enough metabolism that they often process the CBD before it’s really been able to have an impact. Once he had done this, the improvements became more evident. Joint pain diminished in a knee that had been aching (not ITBS, but soft tissue joint pain), sleep improvement, and run recovery came quicker. After running for 10 years it’s clear that these results were from the CBD and not a placebo effect or a result of reduced mileage or increased rest.

With these results, we stand behind Hemp Daddy’s and vouch for the validity of CBD, overall. And to summarize, if CBD is something you’re truly interested in trying please take into account these tips (after both research and experience):

  1. Do your research. Know why and what you are taking before jump right in. Any off the counter product may not have what you need, if anything real, at all.
  2. Select a brand with adequate concentrate and reduced additives to get the best results. We recommend Hemp Daddy’s, but other brands may work also (there are many out there).
  3. If using the tinctures, don’t swallow them immediately. Place them under your tongue and let them sit for as long as possible before finally ingesting them.
  4. Up the dosage. We understand that Hemp Daddy’s dosage is provided for the average human, but that doesn’t define us, as trail and ultra runners. In all likelihood, if you are doing 30+ miles or 5+ hours of training per week, you will need more.
  5. Use the lotion in targeted locations and with enough quantity to soak in and really infiltrate the area.

In conclusion, if you’re against the thought of it, don’t bother, it probably isn’t your thing and there are other ways to get similar results. But if you’re open to the idea of CBD and want to give it a try, we stand behind our review and suggest Hemp Daddy’s.


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