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June 2, 2012 Comments (4) inspiration, Videos

Running is Fun 2: Flashmob 2012

When we posted “Running is Fun“, it became quite popular and was shared widely on Facebook and Twitter. The true message of the video was simple…Running is Fun!  The post was an entertaining reminder about why we do this incredible sport. Too often, new runners display anguish on their face and appear to be “forced” into running. This is hardly the case for ultrarunners!   For those of us who love this incredible sport, we strongly wish to share the fact that “Running is Fun”.

After we shared “Running is Fun”, we received quite a few personal email messages about how the video impacted individual runners who realized they had forgotten this key point of training for running events. This was more than enough to justify the development of the next video!

We are now extremely excited to share the sequel to that video…. Now! Please enjoy, “Running is Fun 2”!!!

In health and happiness,

EnduranceJer & Sherpa John


4 Responses to Running is Fun 2: Flashmob 2012

  1. Tom OD says:

    Wonderful, wonderful. I had a smile on my face the whole time. One thing though, please, please add some divesity next time. I want to send this my new running group in Philadelphia but am hesitating. Still, I loved the video.

  2. Sherpa John says:

    I saw skinny and overweight, male and female, straight and perhaps homosexual, definitely gay.. white, part native, part asian and part insane.. young and old, runners and bikers, what more diversity did ya want?!

  3. […] and how simple it really is? NO special shoes, or gadgets or anything.. just fun.Click to read Jerry’s post on, the video is […]

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