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December 20, 2017 Comments (0) Featured, Store

6 Last Minute Christmas Gifts to give the Mother Runner in your Life

Christmas is here … almost, and you still haven’t given the mother of your children a gift. First: shame on you. Second: You can still totally redeem yourself, thanks to Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping, and awesome local stores that still sell things near you. But you must act quickly!

You know she likes to run (a lot) but what can you get that fine lady of yours that says “I love you and support you in your running lifestyle?”

To help you in your current plight, here are five last minute Christmas gifts to give the mother runner in your life.

1. Underwear

We all know how much men love shopping in the lingerie aisle at the department store while trying to find a special outfit for that special someone …

Well, it is a million times better (and cooler might we add), doing so in an athletic apparel store.

From the perfect sports bra to underwear that doesn’t chafe, nothing says, “I support you” better than a literal support team she can go on daily runs with.


You may want to shop her drawer for correct sizes before heading to the store. Just a tip.

2. Socks

OK, technically socks could be considered underwear, but also technically not. Socks are so critical to the running outfit that we think it needs a category all its own.

Fill her stockings with toe socks, compression socks, ankle socks or all of the above, and make sure they’re cute. Ain’t no girl gonna run in ugly socks. It just isn’t happening. I suggest Injinji or Pro Compression. But, again, shop her closet before heading out, or even just ask in passing, “Hey, what are the best running socks?”

Believe me, she’ll let you know. Runners do like to talk about all things running.

3. Gloves and Gaiters

It is wintertime, and protecting those extremities is a must. She will love a new pair of running gloves and shoe gaiters to keep the cold off her feet and hands. If you’re a Costco shopper, you can grab a pair of Head gloves for less that $15, and they are awesome! As far as gaiters go, Amazon has some good ones, but I am partial to the Altra Trail Gaiters that fit in Altra’s Gaiter Trap. They even come in pink and teal. Very cool, IMO.

4. Race entry, race entry, race entry. Oh, and did we mention a race entry?

Give your sweetheart the gift of time by registering her for that race or races she’s had her eye on. Doing this says, “Here are several hours of kid-free time where you can focus on you and your goals.”

If you want to really say I love you, give her the gift of a Vacation Race to one (or more) of the nations most scenic trail and ultra races.

And when her toenails start to fall off and she is walking gingerly down the stairs for days following, know that she is really saying,“Thank you, Honey. I love you, too.”

5. GPS watch

While you’re giving the gift of time by way of race entries, why not help her keep track of that time (and distance) by giving her a GPS watch.

From Suunto to Garmin to Epson, there are several to choose from. And, if Epson is your watch of choice, we have a great insider’s guide on some of the best that will no doubt cause tears of joy on Christmas morn.

6. Shoes

OK, we’ll save the most obvious one for the end. Because what runner doesn’t want new running shoes for Christmas? And if your mother runner has been running long enough, you know exactly the make and model that she likes.

This one’s easy.


If you’re the type who doesn’t just give gifts at Christmas Time, you’re definitely a keeper, and you should definitely check out the TAUR shop. From trucker hats to sweatshirts and deals on a variety of brands, you can keep on giving to the wonderful woman who your children call mom, and who is also awesome enough to be called a runner.

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