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August 28, 2017 Comments (0) Featured, Gear Reviews

Altra LonePeak 3.5 Review

The Altra Lone Peak 3.5 is an update from the very popular 3.0 version. There have been some slight modifications that are intended to improve the overall performance of the shoe is this recently released “half model.”

The most obvious change with the 3.5 is the upper fabric, which is softer, more stretchy, and also provides new reinforcements. The location of the overlays and toe-box reinforcements have been modified slightly to increase durability. Also, Altra has added some small holes on the overlays for draining purposes. One of the complaints with the 3.0 is that when wet it was heavy and didn’t drain very well, so Altra tried to address this with the new drain holes. The velcro tab gaiter trap is larger, but it doesn’t appear to make much of a difference. The outsole, weight, and profile all appear to be the same as the 3.0.

The overall takeaway for this shoe is if you liked the 3.0 you will like the 3.5. The changes are all designed to enhance some of the deficiencies of the 3.0, while keeping the same overall look, feel, and ride that have made the LonePeak so popular among Altra fans.


Fit – 3.5

The LonePeak 3.5 tends to run about a half size too small. While we were disappointed with the sizing issues, once sized correctly, the overall fit of the shoe is very good. Comfortable straight out of the box, both the toebox and midfoot are a little more narrow which improved the fit and reduced slipping.


Outsole – 4.0

The outsole is pretty aggressive and performed well on all trail conditions. The tread had excellent grip and the rock plate was very affective, we never felt any rocks on the sole. It also seems to wear much better than previous models of the Lone Peak.

Upper – 4.0

The 3.5 is an excellent improvement to the 3.0, especially since most of the changes were in the upper. The upper is very comfortable and provides adequate protection. The upper mesh seems to be a lot more durable, adding a little weight, without a noticeable decrease in breathability. Some testers found there were some issues with water retention but there was an overall improvement in how the upper performed.


Midsole 4.0

The foam in this model seems to be consistent with the prior version. The midsole is excellent and provided plenty of comfort and stability for just about any type of terrain that we put the shoe through.


Performance 3.9

The shoe performed very well in several different types of terrain. It was also decent on longer runs. While one of the better performing trail shoes in the Altra line, we still feel it tends to run on the side of sloppy and in turn slows performance overall.

Durability 4.2

The durability of the LonePeak has improved a great deal from previous models. We put over 100 miles on moderate trails and the shoe held up well. In more rugged terrain, the shoe had some wear and tear in the upper, which is to be expected.

Overall, we were satisfied with its durability.

Top to Bottom – Lone Peak 2.5, 3, and 3.5

Appearance 3.6

While the LonePeak 3.5 has improved in appearance from other models, many still find the shoe a little bulky.


Overall – 3.9

This is an excellent all around, workhorse trail shoe, designed to tackle just about anything you can throw at it. Still plenty of room for improvement, but remains a solid choice for a trail shoe from short runs to 100 milers.



  • 25 mm stack height
  • 9 oz for men, 8.7 oz for women
  • MaxTrac outsole
  • Dual Layer EVA midsole
  • GaiterTrap

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