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Altra Olympus 2.5 review

July 31, 2017 Comments (4) Featured, Gear Reviews

Altra Timp Review

The Altra Timp (named after Mount Timpanogos in Utah) is the latest in Altras successful line of trail shoes. With a 29 mm stack height, it hits the sweet spot for those looking for a little more cushion than the Lone Peak (25 mm), but not as much as the Olympus (36 mm). It features Altra’s Zero Drop platform a burly MaxTrac outsole with 4 mm lugs that grab whatever is underfoot, an asymmetrical lacing system for a secure, adjustable fit, and Altra’s new 4-Point GaiterTrap.  It also features a lightweight,  TPU reinforced upper that is water resistant, yet highly breathable. 

Fit 2.6

The fit of the Timp seems to be its biggest area of concern. The heel cup is just right, and the asymmetrical lacing secures the midfoot just like it was designed to do, but the forefoot is wide. Almost all our testers were concerned with the amount of lateral movement in the forefoot, especially on the downhills and uneven terrain.  This movement creates a sense of instability, causing some of our testers to be overly cautious on more technical trails. Making sure they’re securely laced on the downhill helps with some of the movement. Fit is always a tricky one too – what doesn’t work for some are the perfect fit for others. YMMV. 

Outsole 4.3

The Timp has a new MaxTrac outsole that the majority of us raved about. It performed well in snow, on muddy and dry trails, and everything in between.  The one concern was that with the wide width between lugs, they didn’t perform as well in loose dirt and scree for some.

Midsole  4.2

The InnerFlex™ midsole is cushy enough to absorb elements from uneven terrain, yet stays light and flexible. Plenty of cushion and protection without feeling bulky and unresponsive, like some of the max cushion shoes.

Upper  3.5

The upper is lightweight, comfortable and breathes well. It is also extremely reflective at night so that all the wild animals can see you coming at them on the trails…the reflective material is a little puzzling for a trail shoe.  The lightweight, breathable, water resistant material is slightly reinforced with TPU overlays, but some of our testers found that this wasn’t enough protection for rugged terrain.  After 150 miles, one testers uppers blew out on both shoes, during the same run through rough terrain (no other testers have experienced this).

Durability  4

After 200 miles, the MaxTrac outsole still handled everything that was thrown at it with minimal signs of wear.  The same was true for the InnerFlex midsole.  After a couple hundred miles of tough conditions, there was still plenty of cushion and protection provided.  The big question mark in durability is how the upper will hold up to big miles, and rough terrain.

Appearance 4.2

We were impressed with the appearance of the Timp.  The color schemes were original and attractive, and the asymmetric lacing pattern stands out as a unique feature that catches the eye.  We had a lot of other runners notice the shoes and ask what they were, saying how they liked the way they looked. 

Performance  4.1

The Timp is a great shoe for long days on your feet.  The shoe performed very well on non-technical trails while running multiple 30+ mile days in a row on the White Rim Trail and for 37 hours straight in Bryce Canyon.  The upper did a great job of keeping sand and dust out of the shoe, while still being very breathable.  The 29 mm of InnerFlex cushion provides plenty of protection and a comfy ride without feeling bulky and unresponsive and did not break down after the miles started to add up.  Once the questionable durability of the upper and the looseness of the forefoot are worked out, the Timp is going to be a shoe embraced by the masses.


  • 29 mm stack height
  • 11.8/10.1 oz for men and women test size
  • MaxTrac outsole
  • InnerFlex midsole
  • GaiterTrap
  • Offset lacing
  • 360 degree Reflective Upper with TPU overlay


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4 Responses to Altra Timp Review

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for the review! Completely disagree though with your judgement of the forefoot! I think the fit is where this shoe is shining! I really like the roomy toebox even more so when considering the fact that the toebox of the Lone Peak has become so narrow! So the Timp really has a great fit in my eyes, also in the heel area and the midfoot. A lot like the fit of the Superior but more secure in the heel!

    • Matt Williams says:

      Really great insight – our testers varied on the fit on this one, seems like people either really liked it, or just didn’t feel like it didn’t anything special for them. I found once I got the lacing dialed in I liked them much more.

  2. Ryan Curry says:

    I’ve been training (road and crushed granite trails) in the Altra Escalante. I love them but feel somewhat unstable on quick turns or any type of downhill. Is this what you meant about the fit of the toe box? Any Altra trail shoes that you would recommend to resolve this? I have a trail 20k coming up and need to get some trail shoes broke in. Thanks!

    • Matt Williams says:

      These will have a lot more cushion than the Escalante, but would worth checking out. As I mentioned in my other comment, the closest Altra trail fit to the Escalante would be the Superior.

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