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Blood, Mud, Pain, and Passion: This is Ultra

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March 31, 2014 Comments (8) Coaching, Featured, High five to the regular guy, inspiration, Journey To A First Ultra, Musings, Nutrition, Race Reports, Science, Trails, Training, Videos

How to Be an Ultra Runner

8 Responses to How to Be an Ultra Runner

  1. Emir says:

    Craig has the best tan lines. Your mom!

  2. Danny Widerburg says:

    Finally , I have a response to ” I don’t even like to drive 100 miles ” , Your MOM ! I laughed out loud about the 100 mile runner image .

    • Random Guy in GA says:

      Crap- I just bought all three of those books and three difference vests on amazon. But I did paleo for over two weeks so that must not apply to me.

  3. Not quite an ultrarunner says:

    What’s an A.P.?

  4. Ted in flatlander-ville says:

    To funny. I’ve watched it about 4 times, still laugh out loud. Not sure what worse, how funny this is, or how unless you are an ultra running (or wanna-be) how much is actually true! Thanks!

  5. Neel says:

    Awesome, awesome video. Laughed all the way. Sharing it.

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