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March 31, 2014 Comments (1) Featured, Musings

Blood, Mud, Pain, and Passion: This is Ultra

This one is not for you veterans. You already know what this is about. It’s your experience…your memories, your pain.  After a while, ultra becomes a part of who you are. If you do it long enough, you think it’s normal. We are all capable of so much more…unlimited potential. It’s not about fame or fortune. It’s not about shiny medals or beer gardens. The possibility of failure is always upon us. After all, without the possibility of failure, would we still do this?

Ultrarunners are still niche in this society. We’re not drive-thru people. We’d rather earn comfort than have it handed to us. We want to earn it.  It’s just not acceptable for us to merely exist….we want to experience life in all colors. The pain…the suffering…triumph over fear.  Living up to our expectations is the hardest thing we must do. We always have each other though. You are here too…suffering like me. Isn’t that sunrise beautiful? Do you see it too?

I’m writing this for those who don’t know. Perhaps, those who are intrigued by this quirky group of oddballs and never-say-die types. Here’s my message to the curious…if you find this sport “interesting” and you keep asking questions…you are on your way to becoming one of “us.” Welcome, by the way. You are welcome here.

Most people don’t know and never will.  They’ve never been at mile 70 and collapsed into a chair where nothing else matters except “not moving”. They’ve never cut into a blood blister with a safety pin to get to the next aid station. The farther you go in this sport, the farther you leave normality behind. Don’t fight it. Are you strange? Weird? Not in this sport. Wear what’s comfortable. Be the real you.

In the beginning, most fixate on miles. Their strength is skin deep. In time they must realize, the true test is inside. This is your journey. What will you find?

Run long and prosper,


Jerry Summit


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