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The North Face Ultra Endurance

The North Face Ultra Endurance

Price – $125

Weight – 13 oz

Heel to Toe Drop – 8mm

The North Face has achieved, in its trail shoe, the same level of toughness and rigidity it has been known for with other gear. This shoe us built to last, and created to deal with tough terrain and extreme runners. It provides excellent foot protection and stability, especially for the aggressive trail runner. For the most part, the outer sole seems fairly bullet proof, and is certainly intended for longevity. The shoe provides sub-par cushion for extremely long runs or for those looking for a softer feel. It’s rigidity leads to a very stiff feel, especially underfoot. It has grip comparative with most trail shoes, and does well in loose dirt and even minimal mud. The shoe feels lightweight, but also extremely tough, making it a solid option for those looking for durability and willing to sacrifice a little comfort.

Took me awhile to get a good feel for The North Face Ultra Endurance – a few runs to break them in and I am happy to report that after several runs that this shoe went beyond my expectations. I had my doubts based on my first impression of the shoe, but after a 28 mile run, they performed quite well on a variety of terrain. Lots of climbing and descending on very technical trails with several creek crossing. They provide an excellent grip on wet/slippery rocks on creek crossing, quite surprised on a smooth heel to toe transition and for cushioning, just enough support to help you delivery a comfortable run. They did extremely well blazing downhill providing me with a secure traction/grip over unexpected obstacles. Testers found the emphasis on suede was a bit too much, as was the tongue is a bit too thick.


TAUR Tester Rating based on a 5 Cairn scale

Upper — 3.6
Midsole — 3.8
Outsole — 4.4
Appearance — 3.4
Performance — 3.6
Fit — 3.8
Durability – 4
Overall — 3.8

TAUR Tester Quotes

“I love running in all weather conditions and terrains. I think this is the perfect trail shoe.”

“Shoe is lightweight with a solid midsole, aggressive outer sole with Vibram grip, that kept sand at bay and flash dry kept feet dry. This will be a go to shoe for technical terrain.”


  • NorthFace Ultra Endurance
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  • NorthFace Ultra Endurance
  • NorthFace Ultra Endurance
  • NorthFace Ultra Endurance
  • NorthFace Ultra Endurance
  • NorthFace Ultra Endurance
  • NorthFace Ultra Endurance
  • NorthFace Ultra Endurance



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