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La Sportiva Helios 2

La Sportiva Helios 2

Price – $125

Weight – 8.35 oz

Heel to Toe Drop – 4 mm


The La Sportiva Helios 2 is an update to the previous versions. The Helios 2 upper is light weight while being incredibly supportive. The webbing structure of the Helios 2 helps the upper to conform to the shape of your foot without creating hot spots. We loved the dark sky blue of the womens model. and the webbing on the upper is a nice touch. I will also wear these with yoga clothes to the studio, because I’m running after, and don’t feel too decked out. In regards to fit, it is very good. A tad narrow up front for some peoples taste, so some people may get some irration on the pinky toes and start to complain on longer (5+ hour) runs.

We loved the cushion of the Helios 2 and found the ridges made for a playful shoe. However, we didn’t completely love the fact that between the ridges there is zero padding. The cushion on this shoe allows for it to feel like a minimalist shoe, while providing some support. There is only foam protection in the outsole ‘gaps’ so you just need to take care – hit a rock just right and you’ll get a nice bruise on your foot. Because they run on the minimalist side we only ran 20 miles or less in them, but they are playful and comfortable. The outsole has a very sticky rubber which grips well. There are not huge lugs which helps with comfort, but can reduce traction in some instances for the Helios 2.

Ultimately, this is a minimal, lightweight shoe, so it simply doesn’t have as much material to protect from wear, but you can still expect to get 3-500 miles depending on the runner and use. This shoe is for people who prefer minimalist shoes, but run longer distances. Anyone with any sort of arthritis or issue with their feet will love the hug of the upper. This shoe is great for throwing on at work and running up into the hills for a quick, fun, dynamic trail run.


TAUR Tester Rating based on a 5 Cairn scale

Upper — 4.7
Midsole — 4
Outsole — 4
Appearance — 5
Performance — 4.7
Fit — 4
Durability – 3
Overall — 4.2
TAUR Tester Quotes

“Right out of the box, this shoe fits like a glove!”

“The tread on this shoe did make for a playful run.”

“These are a top performer, especially if you’re in the market for something light and fast.”

“This is going to be one of my summer favorites.”

“Every time I wear these shoes I get complements.”

  • La Sportiva Helios 2
  • La Sportiva Helios 2
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  • La Sportiva Helios 2
  • La Sportiva Helios 2
  • La Sportiva Helios 2
  • La Sportiva Helios 2
  • Helios 2.0
  • La Sportiva Helios 2
  • La Sportiva Helios 2
  • La Sportiva Helios 2
  • La Sportiva Helios 2

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  1. jittilak chaivann says:

    How about La sportiva helios2 vs Brooks Mazama for
    Leadville marathon? Please help me answer?

    Thank you so much


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