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October 6, 2020 Comments (0) Featured, Gear Reviews

Partial GoreTex Infinium Hooded Jacket – Review

For almost 20 years Pete Stoughton, has been testing Gore Tex. And for almost 20 years it has been challenging to wear GoreTex as a runner when it is not cold and rainy. Until recently…
Gore sent us the Partial GoreTex Infinium Hooded Jacket, which has been a game changer. Normally, as the temperatures drop in the Fall, we would pull the GoreTex shells only when the rain poured down. With the new body mapping and more breathable fabrics, this jacket is his go to for runs 40 degrees to 55 degrees with or without precipitation. The fabrics are soft and the designers are not so European influenced that we in the states would actually wear this after the run. The only down side is the materials are more water resistant rather then water proof, but a trade off for more functionality for sure.
What do you wear?

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