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Sufferfest on Mount Timpanogos

July 18, 2016 Comments (0) Featured, inspiration, Videos

Recovery Week – TAUR Runs

Recovery is essential to a long and successful running career. It’s a wonder then why I haven’t spent a whole lot more time injured. I suck at taking the necessary time off to allow my body to fully recover. This past week wasn’t much different.

A week ago, along with TAUR writer and gear tester, Scott Wesemann, we did laps on the iconic Mt Timpanogos Timpooneke trail, amassing 70 miles and 23,000 vertical feet (Scott did even more than that as he did another lap beyond my 5). It was a difficult and utterly satisfying endeavor. And oddly enough, I felt pretty good by Tuesday. The smart runner spoke up and committed to not running until Thursday, still only 6 days out from a hard and long effort.

Thursday turned out to be a brilliant morning of 10.5 miles solo on deep Wasatch trails. Feeling quite recovered I was able to settle into the solitude of the back country, the pristine Summer wild flowers, and three different moose sightings. When I was done, however, I was tired. But the day wasn’t done. That evening I met up with a group of Wasatch Mountain Wranglers (my local running group) to do some trail work. Four hours and 10,000 mosquitos later and my day was spent.

I capped off my week with a short hike to bag Mt Baldy, near Alta, UT, with my wife, Emily. It was the perfect way to end a relaxing recovery week. As usual, it was all caught on film. Yes, the camera is still scratched. Not sure when we will get a new one here at TAUR, awesome things are in the mix.

Enjoy the video and have a great week, everyone.

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