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July 15, 2016 Comments (2) Featured, Gear Reviews

Nike Kiger Vest

The Trail Kiger is Nike’s first foray into the hydration vest industry.

The structured mesh shoulder straps and bomb-proof construction are designed to provide the best possible fit, regardless of how the wearer chooses to fill it. Designed to carry either a 1.5 liter reservoir (not included) or two soft flasks up front (also not included), the Trail Kiger allows for variation based on need.

The Nike Kiger is UTMB approved. The vest is highly versatile and has several features including flexible mesh designed to contour to the body, large main zip compartments, upfront bottles, hydration bladder, soft elastic rolled hems, emergency whistle, reflective elements, moisture resistant zip pocket and many other features. Nike put a lot of thought into this vest and it is definitely versatile. The vest is designed for a snug fit to minimize bouncing. There is plenty of storage capacity, making this vest a good option for just about any running distance, although when the reservoir is filled and bottles are used at the same time the storage capacity is limited.

This vest has a lot of potential, but the sizing is tricky. The shoulder straps rode very high and tended to rub on our testers necks even when they tried to adjust the sizing. Most of the testers felt that consumers need to size up, but with the correct size it fit everywhere else. There were plenty of things we really liked about the vest, most notably is that it is very stable and doesn’t bounce at all. The Nike Kiger pack ensures a wiggle-free run. It fits like a glove without being restricting, and compared to many other packs, it is well-suited for a more petite upper body.

The vest is also very well constructed. The materials are very sturdy, but are also lightweight. The vest has a lot of carrying capacity, but unfortunately if you use the up front bottles the remaining storage upfront is very minimal. The vest is very well constructed, but it is a bit heavier overall than other vests of similar size.

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The Packs greatest strengths are the  smooth ride it provides with very little bounce and it is very well constructed. It is also very versatile with a lot of pockets and options for hydration. As for the areas for improvement – the fit tends to be a bit small, it is hot, and some of the pockets are not very accessible. It’s also at the upper end of the price range.



Storage Capacity


Bladder capacity



9.5 oz

Suggested optimal use

10-100 miles, adventure runs

Ratings (1 to 5 scale)

Fit 3.6
Performance 4.25
Durability 5
Storage 3.6
Ease of use 4.5
Stability 5
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Tester Quotes

“I took the Trail Kiger on a run in Snoqualmie National Park. The run began at the Esmerelda Basin Trailhead, where we ascended to Long’s Pass, then down to Ingall’s Lake, and back. Total mileage was around 14. The pack withstood both steep climbs and descents, as well as a torrent of rain. I was able to fit not only my bladder, but also a rain jacket and extra shirt and sports bra, as well as solid fuel. Despite the short burst of rain, the pack dried quickly and did not chafe afterwards.”

“The Nike Trail Kiger Vest has definitely won my heart with the extraordinary comfort it offered during my runs. Breathable material through front and back adds great comfort on hot days. I feel that one of its greatest strengths for this vest was the snug fit giving in return a comfortable and enjoyable run. I liked everything from this vest, from the color selection to the even storage provided but one thing I found a bit off was the removable whistle, it was not attached to anything, I would had liked it if it was attached to an expandable elastic strap from one of the front zip pockets.”

“So here’s the real story. I put about 50 miles on this vest and always had the same complaint – the rear neckline was too high and was irritating to wear. I had hoped that over time it would have settled in or I would have gotten used to it. Instead, I just got more annoyed, to the point that I stopped wearing the vest altogether. The fit was fine, allowing me to really dial in to a comfort level across the chest that I liked. However, when I was using bottles (soft flasks) up front there was nothing I could do to stop it from bouncing. When using a reservoir, I didn’t have that problem.”

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