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Sufferfest on Mount Timpanogos

In 2006, running legend, Davy Crockett, set out to do repeats on one of Utah’s most popular trails – the Timpooneke trail on Mount Timpanogos. The trail, which ultimately leads to the summit of the 11,700 ft mountain (2nd highest in the Wasatch range), is 7 miles long and climbs 4500 vertical feet. The trail itself is littered with rocks and roots, offering infrequent stretches of smooth dirt path. Round trip efforts, all 14 miles, generally run in the 3-4 hour range for speedy runners and in the 7-10 hour range for the average hiker. Over the course of 27 hours, Crockett would string together 5 repeats of the iconic trail, an 70 mile and 23,000 vertical feet effort, setting a standard that would hold for the next 10 years.

Scott Wesemann and Craig Lloyd had been planning to attempt to tie and possibly beat the record this year, only to have Crockett go out and up his own record by one, making for a total of 6 laps, just one week before Wesemann and Lloyd would make their attempt. Crockett would set the new standard in an impressive 35 hrs 55 min. Going into the weekend, Lloyd knew he would be limited to 5 due to time constraints, but would work closely with Wesemann to make certain he would accomplish his 6. They were joined by friends, Tiffany Schwartz and Tara Summers, on certain laps, they were also crewed by additional friends over the weekend.

Lloyd would go on to complete his 5 laps in 26:49 (FKT), and Wesemann would match Crockett’s 6 repeats in approximately 36:30. Amazing. Here is the video of their accomplishments.

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