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February 17, 2016 Comments (1) Contests, Featured

Run With Us – Write with us – Winners

Nike Wildhorse

We received a huge amount of entries for our Run with Us, Write with Us, which was awesome!

It was a pleasure to read, review, and revel in what running means and has done in peoples lives. What wasn’t quite as much of a pleasure was having to select winners! So many could have been chosen – but we had to narrow it down, and wanted to come up with a good mix of styles and stories that we are excited to share over the course of the next month.

Our two Grand Prize Winners are:

Kyle Williams

Why do we do this?

Amber Febrarro

The Parallels Between Grief, Life, and Long Distance Running

And our runners up:

Emily Ford – Dirty Word

Brian Tomas – Daily Awe

Henry Howard – Steve Ross

Rebekah Rogers – Chasing Superman

Jennifer Lambert – The Man in the Arena

Nearly all of our entries were inspiring and well worth sharing – we hope to share many of those on our Runner Spotlight page in the coming months.

Congratulations to our winners, and a special thanks to all that took the time to share their writing.

One Response to Run With Us – Write with us – Winners

  1. billy says:

    will you guys be doing another contest like this soon? So sad ot have missed it… also are there links to the articles?

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