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April 1, 2021 Comments (0) Featured, inspiration, Videos

Running 4 Slot Canyons in 40 Miles Through the Desert

Late last year I designed and ran a route around the Behind the Reef road area of the San Rafael Swell in southern Utah. On that run we were able to do three slot canyons (Dang, Bell, and Little Wild Horse), 15 miles of beautiful dirt road, and 13 miles of pavement. In preparation of a 100 miler coming up next month, me and two friends went back down there to run the route, this time in reverse, but also add in another slot canyon, extending the total mileage to 42.

The fourth canyon, Ding, turned out to be far more technical than planned, which added a bunch of time and we had to finish in the dark by use of our cell phone lights. Overall, we all felt great and believe we are ready for out 100 miler, now less than a month away. Check out the video we put together and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great adventures!

Filmed on the Insta360 ONE X2

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