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June 6, 2018 Comments (1) Featured, Videos

Running in the Pyrenees – VIDEO

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been brought out to Spain by Salomon to do an article and video on the Zegama-Aizkorri Marathon, if you get a chance to go run trails on the course, in the Pyrenees, you go.

On the day prior to the race, we hopped out of the car, rain falling on our heads, and started up towards the course and Mt Aratz. We were soon wet, but unconcerned and undeterred we sauntered on. Within a mile we were moving through a cave with an old church in it and ruins around. No idea how long they had been there, we were caught up in the beauty of the place. Racers coming through there the next day would hardly notice as they would be doing their best to stay on their feet on the wet and technical terrain. For us, we pushed on.

Two miles later we were standing on top of Mt Aratz, looking down at the course and onto Zegama. There is little to compare with it. The history and majesty of the place was simply incredible. Take a look at the film of our run and you’ll get the most basic of understandings as to why we didn’t want to leave.


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One Response to Running in the Pyrenees – VIDEO

  1. Shalisa Davis says:

    WOW! That looked absolutely amazing! I would love to run there some day. Bucket list for sure! Thank you so very much for sharing.

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