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TNF Casual Outfit

TNF Terra Metro Pants – $99

TAUR Rated – 5.0

The North Face has built a pant that falls right in between casual and athletic. The Terra Metro is a durable, lightweight, and fairly water resistant jogger designed for either light casual wear or rigorous activities, such as hiking or climbing. The zipper pockets will keep your wallet and keys close while you’re on the wall, and the gathered bottoms will allow you to see your feet. Light enough to do short runs in, these pants are the definition of “versatile”.



As my go-to pants for camping or working aid stations during a race, I simply don’t own anything more comfortable. I’ve spent 24 hours in these, without changing them and didn’t feel a bit bad. Even when I’m at home these are my default pants for lounging around the house, taking the kids around to their activities, or even grabbing a movie with my wife. If you can’t beat something that is both fashionable and comfortable, don’t just go with it. And if you think the $99 price tag is a bit steep, try the pants on, it won’t feel nearly as bad as it seems.


TNF Terra Metro Jacket – $180

TAUR Rated – 4.0

The Metro Jacket is a fine compliment to the Terra Metro pants. While lightweight and breathable, it still offers a significant amount of wind protection and is fully waterproof. Light enough to wear on a long run, the Terra Metro also offers plenty of insulation for those really cold days. As a soft-shell, it works as both an outer layer and a second layer insulator. So whether you’re running or just lounging around camp or an aid station, this jacket really gives you everything you need.



I’ve worn this jacket in both very cold and mild temperatures. It performed well in all areas. The fit is ok, with proper length in the arms and torso. However, it does run a bit snug in the shoulders, which can give a feel of limited flexibility. Because of the 4-way stretch fabric, however, this isn’t really a problem, and the user will find that they can still perform at peak when they need to. It has become a go-to jacket for many occasions, whether on the trail or at home.


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