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March 28, 2012 Comments (0) Trails

Boulder Colorado – Mesa Trail

Jerry Armstrong running on Mesa Trail in Boulder Colorado

At the base of the Flatirons, in Boulder Colorado…a magic trail exists. “Mesa Trail” is an esoteric existence for ultrarunners. An out and back of Mesa is about 13 miles with near 3,000’ vertical gain.  This incredible piece of earth combines heavy rolling single track with the welcome challenge of technical drops, inspiring beauty, and steep heart-pumping ascents.

Boulder Colorado is one of the epicenters of our sport.  During my runs here in Boulder, I’ve crossed paths with elite ultra champions Anton Krupicka, Geoff Roes, Scott Jurek, Nick Pedatella, and Dave Mackey.  As if I’ve stepped into a colorful magazine of the greatest trail runs on earth, I am inspired by the 360 degree energy of these athletes, the earth’s beauty, and animal life all around me. This is really an extraordinary place for trail runners.

Conservative estimates suggest Boulder offers 200 miles of trails within or very near the city. Mesa Trail acts as a main artery for many of the technical trails that lead to summits of Green Mountain (8,144 ft) or Bear Peak (8,461 ft). Local stud Tony Krupicka repeatedly runs these trails to the summit of Green Mountain and shares summit pictures on his blog.  In fact, I suggest we rename Bear Canyon, where Tony often runs…to “Krupicka Canyon.”

In invite you to visit us sometime here in Boulder, Colorado. Remember to bring your shoes and take a tour of the iconic Mesa Trail.

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