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May 5, 2017 Comments (6) Uncategorized

Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Review

The S-Lab Sense Ultra is Salomon’s newest shoe in their S-Lab line, specifically designed to go long. This might possibly be their first real shoe that was specifically designed to go 100 miles. Created for all conditions, the Sense Ultra is built on their Contragrip outsole with Wet Platform rubber,  which means it will perform equally as well in wet conditions as dry and rocky. The Salomon Sensifit technology is designed to wrap the foot, giving it that “perfect fit” feel. What makes the Sense Ultra different from other shoes in the S-Lab line is that it is a bit wider in the forefoot, allowing for toe splay, resulting in reduced blister risk.



Heel/Toe Drop: 8mm

Stack Height: 26mm to 18mm

Lacing System: Quicklace with pocket

Outsole: Contragrip

Upper: Sensifit breathable mesh


The obvious strength with the S-Lab Sense Ultra is the comfort. Not just under foot while running, but also the way it fits around the foot and holds it in place. Where many shoes today have a loose heel or ankle cuff, the Sense Ultra fits perfectly, allowing the runner to focus on the trail ahead of them instead of what’s going on their feet. Nearly all of our testers put close to 150 miles on the shoes and none of them has yet to see any real wear, both in the upper or under foot. All commented that the shoe felt solid on all types of conditions; from loose dirt and rocks to some snow and even slick rock. There were quite literally no complaints about performance.

Craig – First and foremost, the fit is incredible. With a perfect fit around the heel and midfoot, it still has enough space in the toe box to let my feet expand. It is also very durable, as it held up to a beating over 3 days of use in the Moab area of southern Utah.”

Robin – “The quality of fit and construction is incredible and the minimal add-ons make this a very reactive shoe.”


This will be a very short section as there were so few weaknesses found with the Sense Ultra. Across the board, the testers loved the performance and had few critical remarks. None of them really impacted the way the shoe performed, which is what really matters. The shoes are unisex, so the look and feel are the same for men and women, which could be a negative for some out there. The only major weakness is the price. at $180 it’s a steep price to pay for performance.

Robin – I don’t like the colors or shoe laces.”


Pete – “There is a risk of midsole collapse for heel strikers and the outsole may start to wear.”


The testers comments speak for themselves. This is likely one of the top two shoes we have ever tested at Trail And Ultra Running. The S-Lab Sense Ultra by Salomon is truly a king in its category, providing an incredible fit coupled with amazing performance. Durability is second to none and true Salomon craftsmanship was at work. Thank you to Salomon for taking part in the review.

Robin – My favorite shoe I’ve tested for TAUR. I will wear this for races.”

Pete –The best shoe I have tested this season.”

For more information, please check out the S-Lab Sense Ultra on the Salomon site.


Price – $180.00

Drop – 8mm

Weight – 274g


Upper 5
Midsole 5
Outsole 5
Durability 5
Fit 5
Performance 5
Appearance 4.5




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6 Responses to Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Review

  1. Matthew Valentine says:

    I had heard these were a great shoe…..for $180 I may have to wait for a clearance sale to find out. 😕

  2. Ivan says:

    I almost cannot put them on my wide feet. Horrible fit for me. Too narrow in all aspects. Even with half size up from my usual Salomon size. That means 1 size up from normal size I wear other shoes like Altra and Inov8. Still no go. Obviously all of you testers have narrow feet, since you forgot to mention that fact about the fit.

    All of those with wider feet DON’T order them blindly without trying them first.

    • Thanks Ivan for your feedback. All of our testers are very familiar with a wide range of shoes, including Altra, etc. To be honest, these Salomons are the teams favorite shoe this year hands down. The fit is not the traditional Salomon narrow fit. Good luck with your shoes. If you have to size up on Altras, that really says you have some wide feet.

    • ClonedEwok says:

      Completely agree with Ivan here. Got to have elven feet to fit into Salomons. Altras are barely wide these days. Wide feet folks know that New Balance is the way to go. Heres a simple guide, get the shoe and place it on a ruler. A typical size 12 for example has a width of 12cm, a normal pair of Salomons will measure 11cm in width. The Sense Ultras are probably 10cm. So go figure. I say elven feet for elves. The rest, just dont bother, unless you are running a short one

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