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April 4, 2016 Comments (41) Calendar, Contests, Featured

Scout Mountain Ultra Trail Giveaway! And the winner is…

Scout Mountain Ultra Trail

The Scout Mountain Ultra Trail (SMUT) race, formally known as the Pocatello 50, offers it’s stellar trail races in three distances – 100k, 60k and 35k.

  • Rainbow on the course
  • Photo: Bill Geist
  • Spring Flowers on the course
  • Lots of fresh snow up high. Photo: Bill Geist
  • Runners making the way up the ridge with a little fresh snow on the ground. Photo: Bill Geist
  • 100k profile

The 100K boasts nearly 13,000 feet of climbing, and is sure to offer a mixed bag of mountain running, tough climbs, with a potential snowy glissade thrown in. It’s still spring in June in Idaho!

It’s the perfect way to kick off the summer racing season.

Learn all about the SMUT.

Register at UltraSignup – Don’t forget to check out the contests below to get your entry fee covered or win a free pair of shoes and socks!

Plan on toeing the line June 4! See you there!


And the winner is…

Andrea Telmo


Scout Mountain calls me
Mountain, forest, masochist
Lover of running



Free Race registration – Here’s how: (Contest Closed)

1. Share this article on social media, using the hashtag #taursmut (there’s some handy buttons at the bottom of the article to help you out!

2. Submit a haiku in the Comments below

Deadline for entries is April 30.
Winner will be selected May 1st, based on originality by the TAUR team.

Already Registered? You’re one of the smart ones! If you are selected as the winner, your entry fee will be refunded! Score! 


But Wait – there’s more!

Anyone that registers for the SMUT race between now and May 1st, will ALSO be entered to win a free pair of shoes and socks!


Now let’s see those Haikus!

41 Responses to Scout Mountain Ultra Trail Giveaway! And the winner is…

  1. Tim Shupe says:

    Breeze refreshes skin
    Lungs have no space for words now
    Another mile passes

    Credit unknown but not my own…

  2. Jade Mangus says:

    Moonlight slanting
    through all this long frostbitten grove
    and nightingale song.

    Here where a thousand
    Runners swore grand conquest
    Tall grasses their monument.

    By lonely roads
    this lonely poet marches
    into autumn dusk.

    Glorious the moon
    therefore our thanks, dark clouds
    come to rest our necks.

    Lady butterfly
    perfumes wings by floating
    over the orchid.

    Spring morning marvel
    lovely nameless little hill
    on a sea of mist

    In my dark winter
    lying ill, at last I ask
    how fares my neighbor

    Old dark sleepy pool
    quick unexpected frog
    goes plop! Watersplash.

  3. Kathee Brimley says:

    Beautiful, breathtaking, reach the sky
    My legs hurt

    My first Haiku. Maybe I can quit my day job.

  4. Andrea Telmo says:

    Scout Mountain calls me
    Mountain, forest, masochist
    Lover of running

  5. Karen Carlo says:

    Snow capped mountains seen beyond. Through warm breath that fogs my glasses. Rainbows on the course delight.

  6. Charles W. Chavers says:

    I run the mountains
    In search of everlasting peace
    Perhaps this is it

  7. Sebastien Durandeu says:

    Mountains are calling
    Surviving Pocatello
    Brave as Otello

  8. Lisa Booher says:

    Runners climb up, up
    Making their way to the sky
    Then eat all the foods

  9. Faith says:

    What is a runner?
    Quick, lean, man, woman or none?
    A runner just runs.

  10. Eric Thomas says:

    Light steps on the ground
    The morning fog floats with me
    Just me and the trail

  11. mike house says:

    I will keep running
    Chasing the moon or sunrise
    Till dawn or nightfall

  12. Tyler says:

    Quads are aching
    Cold mountain air burns my lungs
    Never felt better

  13. Matthew Brady says:

    Time to write haiku
    For a race that I will run
    Early on in June

  14. Elizabeth Mcgarraugh says:

    Sun is beating down
    Texas heat is oppressive
    Please save me from it

  15. Joseph says:

    Fear of the unknown
    vs. the allure of freedom.
    I choose to attempt.

  16. Tess Harvey says:

    Every time I race
    I wonder what’s wrong with me
    Here I go again!

  17. Jessica Solomon says:

    Pregnant Ultra Mom
    But still running trail-happy
    Baby loves trail too

    #taursmut #trailandultra

  18. James Casey says:

    Glissades are mellow
    Sure, I’m an agile fellow
    Slipped. Po-ca-tell-oooh…..!

  19. Jim Casey says:

    Trail runner focus
    Wandering thoughts on long miles
    Stay strong. Potato.

  20. Sarah Adelberg says:

    Hardly a stranger
    To filth and pain, I gather
    New meaning in SMUT.

  21. Rick Pongratz says:

    Aching legs aside
    A single track revelry
    Reggae aid station

  22. Andrew Chesterfield says:

    Idaho running
    Mesmerized by it’s allure
    Punished by same

  23. Will Turner says:

    Ultra trails challenge
    Ultra runners don’t back down
    Punch it in the face!

  24. Brandon McLemore says:

    Me, elevation
    Me not liking it so much
    Me loving it yo

  25. Daniel Schur says:

    Yup that’s gonna hurt.
    Trail pain gets me to beauty.
    That is why I run.

  26. Sun beating on skin
    Legs ready to conquer hills
    Glory awaits you

  27. Lynette McDougal says:


    Is it running high

    And NOT something else dirty

    Either way, I smile

  28. Eric says:

    There once was a man from Nantucket …

    Oh, wait – haiku? I’ve got nothing.

  29. Stephen says:

    There is one more SMUT
    Saturday Morn Ultra Team
    from Las Vegas here

  30. Randal Cler says:

    To be a mountain
    Standing tall in such glory
    Waiting to be run

  31. Patrick says:

    I weave through the trails
    Contemplating the unknown
    Searching for life’s meaning

  32. Patrick says:

    I weave through the trails
    Contemplating the unknown
    Searching for meaning

  33. Kristina Pham says:

    Injured for two years
    I’m ready to race again
    Time to kick some ass

  34. Fiery skies
    Moonlit nights
    Fire blazing shoes
    Perfect trail
    A run against myself

  35. Eric Maurer says:

    The strong man wanders
    Determined husband runs
    A run into the light.

  36. YoungSu Hoy says:

    Up, down, up, down, up
    Run, walk, climb, crawl, run, trip, fall
    Rub some dirt on it.

  37. Scott Mountain Ultra Trail
    What I’d do to be a SMUT
    I wrote this haiku

  38. Nonattainable

  39. Ode to the SMUT Moose
    Oh Moose, How do I love thee
    Let me count the ways

  40. Paul Walker says:

    Out of bounds to the smut.
    Too many trails not enough
    Probably land on my FACE

  41. Emily McGinty says:

    What is the SMUT run?
    A haiku for you and a
    Free entry for me

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