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Smartwool PhD 5″ Shorts

The Smartwool PhD shorts are a unique and innovative product using a Merino wool interior design that helps regulate temperatures with comfort in mind. The exterior is a synthetic blend designed for comfort and performance. The shorts provide a seamless waistband with an internal draw cord. Other features include a secure zipper pocket in the back and a reflective Smartwool logo. The shorts have a 5 inch inseam.

These shorts are very unique in terms of temperature regulation, while at the same time providing excellent comfort and performance. The the product description stated they are 5″ inseam shorts, they did feel longer then this. The shorts feature an interior brief of Merino designed for temperature regulation. We found these shorts to be excellent in cold, as well as heat, which makes them very unique from a temperature regulation standpoint. Most of the shorts we have worn are great for warmer temps, but just don’t cut it in the wind and cold. The PhD however passed the test over and over. These became our go to shorts for any cool morning because we knew they would help to keep us warm, while allowing us the comfort of wearing shorts. There were some cold mornings where we normally would have thrown on the tights, but went with the PhD because we knew they would be warm. The most impressive thing for us however is that the shorts also feel great when the temperatures are hot. These truly are a 4 season short and performed well no matter what the temperature was. We would say the only negative that we could find is that when they get wet they do not dry quite as quickly as other shorts, but that is a price our testers were willing to pay for the overall comfort and near perfect temperature regulation. 

  • Smartwool PhD Short
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  • Smartwool PhD Short
  • Smartwool PhD Short
  • Smartwool PhD Short

Price – $60

Inseam – 5″

Overall – 4.3

Fit- 4

Appearance- 4.5

Durability- 4.5

Wicking- 4.5

Odor management- 4.5

Length- 4

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