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June 25, 2015 Comments (0) Gear Reviews, LifeStyle Series

Stonewear Brand Review


For many of the ladies here at TAUR, apparel and gear choices are more about function than fashion. However, our lady testers still crave that aesthetic appreciation just as much as any other female. With an influx of companies striving to set a new standard for fashionable running apparel, Stonewear was a perfect choice for us to have the opportunity to review a good portion of their product line. We should note here that the male testers at TAUR were extremely jealous and much discussion was had about how Craig Lloyd would compare to Zac Marion in running dresses.


Stonewear Lyra dress

In over a two month span, we had our female testers at TAUR assess the Siren Top, Dryflex Double Cross Top, Turbo Tank, Volt Capri, Sprinter Capri and Lyra Dress. We choose these specifically because they were marketed in the running category on the Stonewear website. As you can see, they are extremely attractive and great for a yoga class, gym workout or a stylish coffee date. Immediately, each and every female tester was ecstatic about how simply sexy they looked in these outfits. One tester received numerous compliments from Park City Moms at a weekly Power Hour, a venue known for being extraordinarily critical of women’s fashion choices for workout attire, think LULU Lemon on crack. The Stonewear designs flattered all body types, including those moms out there. One of our testers enjoyed the boost of confidence even after having a baby less than a year ago. She felt that the designs were very flattering, not anything like Mom jeans.

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Whether it was going for a run, heading to the gym for yoga, or meeting friends for coffee, the Stonewear apparel received rave reviews for comfort. With perfect fits and soft material composition, the lady testers never felt inclined to change due to discomfort.

Attached to each Stonewear clothing item the ladies received was a tag from HERA women’s cancer foundation. HERA is an organization to promote a greater awareness of ovarian cancer. They were so impressed that this outdoor clothing company had partnered with this women’s cancer foundation to help educate women about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. Stonewear understands that in addition to taking care of your body physically its just as important to pay attention to your overall health and well being. Hands down to Stonewear for taking the time to care about women as a whole and support a great organization.

Tester Feedback

The Capris were Awesome!

Stonewear clothing was super flattering, smooth and comfy.

During a particularly rainy 18 miler, I did not experience any chafing under the arms, as would be an issue with other tops.  I attribute that to the quality of the fabric.

The material stays in place while running, but allows full freedom of movement. You’re only restricted in movement or activity by the type of underwear you are wearing.

I was perfectly comfortable wearing the Lyra dress to run and hike in, as well as hang out at the pool or stream side.



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One aspect that all of the ladies mentioned in their feedback was the need for additional bra support in the tops and dress. Each of the shirts, and the Lyra dress, did include an integrated supports bra, which was adequate for casual exercise and short runs. However, the lady TAUR testers all agreed that the support did not meet the demands of a long run. Certainly, not a detractor for purchasing such lovely apparel.

Only one of the testers noticed any concerns with the durability of the fabric and construction of clothes. She found that the capri pant’s seam came undone and that the bra pads moved. To the testers credit, she did wear the outfits 2/3x a week for two months. While we all know this may not be the norm for extent of use, the truth is we have all been guilty of putting something on a bit more than we should, especially if we love it as much as she did the Stonewear.


Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 7.35.29 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.54.31 PM



Performance: 78%

Functionality: 85%

Appearance: 91%

Durability: 93%

All of the testers agreed that the Stonewear line is not designed as a technical apparel line specifically for running. However, they were all comfortable in recommending these as great options for casual runs and cross training, which every TAUR runner should incorporate.

Total Score 86%

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