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TAUR Chief Completes the Zion Traverse for 9th Time

The folks at Trail And Ultra Running aren’t a bunch of lazies. They aren’t stagnant businessmen who sit around all day trying to make money off of other people being fit. Like the members of this great community, TAUR co-owners, Craig Lloyd, and Matt Williams are seasoned ultra runners and take every chance they get to head out on a fun adventure.

Craig recently attempted and completed the 49 mile Zion Traverse (with 8,000 ft of elevation gain) for his 9th time, with three close friends, all who were completing the full traverse for their first time.

“The Traverse is a very special route for me. Zion is my favorite place in the world and being able to run across it unsupported, is something I’m very grateful for. It also helps that it is only 3.5 hours from my home”, says Lloyd.

Lloyd has completed the full traverse on five occasions and done a double traverse (across the park and back, totaling 98 miles) twice. He was the first person to ever run a double traverse and currently, along with Jennilyn Eaton, holds the Fastest Known Time for the double. All together, that makes nine total crossings, more than any other known person.

“There is something about that run that just never gets old for me. I never tire of the trail and have yet to lose that awe and splendor for the landscape. It truly is spectacular”.

Lloyd will attempt his 10th crossing this Fall with his brother (they’ve completed the traverse together once before) and friends. Check out the video below of this year’s Traverse.

The entire video was shot on the Rylo 360 camera. Check out this amazing camera on their site.

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