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Brooks Winter Apparel Review – Emily

Brooks Winter Apparel Review – Scott

November 23, 2016 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

Brooks Winter Apparel Review – Susy

Brooks Women’s Puregrit 5 

Price – $120

I have had the PureGrit 5 for over a month and half and just over 230 miles on them. Ran in multiple trail surfaces, from very steep mountain races where terrain varied quite a lot to rocky trails. The most that I ran on a single day was 68.8 miles and I had no issue other than a blister on my big toe but I blame that to the overnight rain we had during the course. In my opinion this shoe was built with durability focus and providing excellent stability. I am an Altra shoe lover but the PureGrit 5 might not have a wide shoe box but it has definitely room in the toe box for a comfortable run for over 24 hours, (believe me!!) I had them for that long on my adventurous quest in Bigfoot country! It provides an extraordinary traction over muddy, slippery trails and even crossing lava rocks, river crossings were a success. Shoe laces were intended to stay in place from the moment you first lace them up. Lateral support is just enough to provide you with a comfortable snuggle fit and securing the arch. On the upper part, there is a mild wear tear on the side of the shoe (very minimum) which is understandable, I really had and still have good use of this trail running shoes and its performance has exceeded my expectations. Heel counter provides right amount of support. This shoe fits like a glove, a super comfortable wear even without socks. I totally love this shoe!!

TAUR Rating – 4.5

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LSD Thermal Running Jacket


The LSD Thermal running jacket is my new to go jacket to take anywhere I go now. According to the Brooks running site, this thermal jacket made of a combination of 100% ripstop nylon, 84% Polyester and 16% merino wool, which delivers an excellent comfort to your morning runs/walks. I highly recommended it for those chilly mornings as this jacket retains the heat and helps you regulate the heat throughout the core. It has an internal mesh pocket where an iPhone 6 can fit in it or it can be used to store quick assess to go fuels or keys. Works great as windbreaker, the built in hoodie when used works great. It snugs the frame of the face leaving no room the cold air to sneak in. This jacket has an excellent insulation to help you stay warm. It is light and it folds into its own pocket. It can easily be carried out on a running vest without taking so much room. I used this jacket on my recent 100k which it works wonders until the heavy rain. It is water resistant but not recommended for heavy rain. Works great as layer and can be easily fitted under a heavy waterproof jacket. Love my jacket, Run Happy!!

TAUR Rating – 5.0

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Brooks Women’s Go-To Tights


The women to go tights is my new favorite tights to go anywhere. Just as the name says, these tights are really made for comfort to go just anywhere the adventure takes you. I used them for my 100k race and they worked fantastic. Super lightweight and breathable material made them very comfortable to wear for the entire distance. Elastic waistband with two rear pockets, Pockets are big and deep where you can store your phone securely. Sheer material when reflected in light, it almost looked like metallic red beneath the fabric (just an observation) it does not affect the quality of the tights. Love wearing them for yoga, the feel is so comfortable and they really smooth to the touch (a silky feel like).

TAUR Rating – 5.0

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