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October 27, 2020 Comments (0) Adventure Running, Featured, Videos

The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Link-up (WURL)

I’ve been spying this line for years. I even tried it six or so years ago, on a whim, when another project fell through. Then, I wasn’t prepared and certainly wasn’t mentally ready for what was need to get through the endeavor and remain safe. Over several years I learned the necessary parts of the route and started to wrap my mind around what I needed to do if I/we were going to be successful at accomplishing this goal.

The WURL (Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Link-up) is roughly 36 miles long with 20,000ft of elevation gain, while summiting over 20 significant peaks. The route loops from the Salt Lake valley, traversing two ridgelines, often moving over very technical terrain with a very high risk of injury or death. Check out our video of how we did.

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