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May 16, 2016 Comments (2) Featured

Trail And Ultra Running is Writing a Book

The heartbeat of Trail And Ultra Running is the community. From small group runs to massive races, our 24,000 Twitter followers to our Facebook group of nearly 35,000, the individuals who come together to experience this amazing world of trail and ultra running define who we are as an organization.

For years we’ve watched as you’ve shared your experiences on social media or with us through the publication. Your images and stories inspire and motivate the full spectrum of adventurer who is seeking to challenge themselves. Regardless of whether they are running their first 5k or 3rd 100 miler, these journeys and the associated imagery have been the bedrock of this community for years.

It’s time we share those stories and images with the world. TAUR is in the process of accumulating photos and experiences from our community into a book that we want to share. Sure, it is a for-profit venture. We have worked diligently for years now to make Trail And Ultra Running a viable company, but not at the expense of violating our core values. This is an additional avenue we are exploring and one we feel is in line with the principles that are most valuable to us. We will, of course, compensate the people who submit their stories and photos with free copies of the book and the honor of being included. We also plan to give 10% of the profits to a charity, one that is chosen by the collective TAUR community. These things are important and we want to be transparent about them.

There are simply too many amazing stories out there that need to be told. We hope this is a great way to do it. We will offer a digital copy of the book in July, then follow it up with a coffee table print edition in December, just in time for Christmas.

The process of producing a book is expensive. TAUR is fronting the costs for the book, but we also hope to have the community be involved and have some ownership in it also, which is why we’ve created a Kickstarter to raise funds for publication. We hope that not only will you share your stories, but consider contributing to the Kickstarter so that we can make this happen.

Some come with us on this journey. Help us make your stories a reality for all of us.

Thank you.

Craig Lloyd – CEO, Trail And Ultra Running

2 Responses to Trail And Ultra Running is Writing a Book

  1. Adam Haesler says:

    Hi Craig,
    Hope you are well.

    Where do we submit stories to?

    Thanks and have a wonderful day,

  2. Are there publishing guidelines — number of words, topics, format, and so on?

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