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January 20, 2017 Comments (3) Featured, Gear Reviews

Altra Instinct & Intuition 4.0 Review

The Altra Instinct/Intuition is a lightweight, super-responsive shoe with just the right amount of cushioning. The FootShape toe box allows your toes to be happy while you’re enjoying a scenic road run. The shoe incorporates the FootShape toe box, FootPod Outsole, and A-Bound energy return compound.

This all makes it a good choice for daily training runs on the roads. In fact, it’s light enough that you could easily race in these bad boys. The midsole with the A-Bound compound is very responsive and helps when you pick up the pace. The FootShaped toe box doesn’t change the overall fit of this shoe, as it is snug in all the right places. And the FootPod outsole is perfect for roads and rail trails, but not suggested for rugged trails.

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The 4.0 colors are really great, each of our testers liked the new color schemes. Also, the shoe had more of a road shoe feel where I could do faster runs on, even close to something I would do workouts in. It has just the right amount of support for an everyday trainer.

All of our testers had some great runs with these shoes. They felt comfortable whether it was a training run/long run  or a short speed workout. Doing striders in these felt great. 

Our testers put lots of miles on these shoes and did not notice and durability issues, loved the colors, appearance and feel of the shoes. Overall, the Instinct/Intuition is a lightweight, moderate cushioned shoe for almost any road circumstance. If you are looking for a heavy and more supportive shoe with lots of outsole features, we would recommend another shoe. Expect this shoe to help you reach some great PRs!

Product name: Altra Instinct 4 (Mens) Altra Intuition 4 (Womens)

Price: $115/$115

Weight: 8.1oz (Men’s), 6.5 oz (Women’s)

Heel to Toe Drop – 0 mm

Suggest Use – ROAD – Marathon, Training, 50 miler

Upper 4.5
Midsole 4.5
Outsole 4
Durability 4.5
Fit 4.75
Appearance 4.3
Performance 4.75
Overall 4.5

From our testers:

I instantly liked the Altra Instinct from the minute I opened the box.

These shoes help keep the easy runs easy and are supportive enough to go longer distances.

I was very satisfied with this shoe. These shoes have been great on the road and on the track.

3 Responses to Altra Instinct & Intuition 4.0 Review

  1. Brad Patterson says:

    Thanks for the review Pete, this looks like an Altra road shoe that I could really enjoy! I am wondering about your spec for the men’s shoe weight, you list it at 8.1 oz which seems very light considering the v3 was listed as 9oz. According to Running Warehouse, they are listing the V4 as 10oz. Do you know which number is correct? Thanks!

  2. Christian Messerschmidt says:

    thanks for the review. I concur, this is not only a great all-round shoe to rack up the miles but also a subtle but noticeable improvement over the 3.5s and definitely the 3. Very curious to see if the Escalante will indeed be the better Instinct/Intuition.

  3. Altra Instinct

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