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May 6, 2016 Comments (1) Uncategorized

Nathan Fireball

The new Nathan Vest Fireball has totally blown me away. One major benefit that really stands out is that there is no bouncing – which means no chafing! This new vest offers an efficient designed by providing a rear divided storage with an option to store a bladder or extra needed gear and fuel/fluids for your long runs. A 1.7 liter bladder is optional but I added my previously owned 2.0 liter bladder to one of the rear compartments and it worked wonderfully. The shoulder straps are made of a breathable mesh material which enhances breathability and adds comfort for those longer runs. In front there is an expandable zipper pocket that can be used to stored gels, sunglasses, energy bars or even a cell phone or perhaps a portable charger. On the other side there is a small pocket which it can be used to pack AAA batteries or pills. Another great feature in the front is that it has two compartments for a 12oz insulated fluid flask on each side an one of those compartments has an add on pocket for extra gels or any other small packed fuel of your choice. One amazing feature that it is new to me was the slide adjustable straps, it gave me the freedom to move side to side the front bottles if needed to be readjusted. And of course it has reflective trim in the back for visibility. This vest is made with comfort, durability in mind. The weight is distributed evenly and it provides and outstanding comfort during runs. Overall an amazing vest to carry along on any journey!!

I have done several runs with this vest since I first got it. I have run distances from 10 to 50 mile distance, a couple 20+ training runs in varying temperatures. I recently brought it along for 50 miles race and I was very happy with the performance of the Nathan Fireball. I had no issues in refilling the bladder, no need to pull it out – I simply slide the top of the bladder opening, fill it up, zip it in and done!! The two compartments in the front made it very easy to stack several snacks for the run. The two front bottles were strictly for electrolyte use only (my choice). Even though I had my 2.0 bladder in my rear storage, I still had lots of room to store two small Gatorade bottles along with base layer that I had worn earlier in the race. Despite all that weight, I never felt any discomfort on my back or shoulders. An observation that I can compare this vest from others than I have owned in the past is that despite all the running throughout this past race, there was no – and I mean no – bouncing. I did have to readjust the two straps in the front every so often but was never a problem. The hose of the bladder I usually run it under one of my front straps to secure it while I run. One thing I hope it would have is the whistle. Never had used it but is nice to have it just in case.

Strengths: Definitely a keeper. The ultralight design makes it a desirable vest for long adventure runs. Despite of all the long runs that I have logged in this vest is still looking like new, a little dirty but definitely no big signs of wear or tear. Love the two bottles in the front to make it easier to access your water/electrolytes.

Wish list: Wish that the two compartments in back had some inside zip pockets or mesh pockets for smaller items. The storage in the front could use another expandable zipped pocket instead of just one. A whistle and maybe add an option to clip or insert trekking poles for longer excursions.

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Nathan Fireball
Price $100.00
Weight 13.3oz
Capacity 7L
Ratings – Out of 5
Fit 4.5
Performance 4.5
Durability 5
Storage 4
Ease of Use 4
Stability 4


One Response to Nathan Fireball

  1. Dawn says:

    Thanks for your review….I have an opinion question for you:
    I am looking for a pack to run to work in, that has the front water bottle pouches. I won’t be using a hydration bladder, so I was wondering how big the back compartment is, would it fit a pair of jeans and top? (I have to order online so I can’t physically go see a pack). I need to change clothes when I get to work and I want a pack big enough to carry clothes, but also one that I can take on long distance runs…..Do you think this might fit that role? Or is the storage part too small?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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