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August 27, 2013

Yellowstone to Tetons: RD Interview

I was first exposed to Dreamchasers Outdoor Adventures back in 2006 when I

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picture of sherpa john sitting in a chair August 13, 2013

An Ultra Waste Of Time

When signing up for an ultra, most ultra-runners will take a moment to hunt down

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July 2, 2013

Interview: 100 Head/Heart/Feet

This July in the Green Mountains of Vermont, a very special documentary is being

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June 26, 2013

Mental Training

“How do you train for something like that?” is a question commonly

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April 30, 2013

Risk Addiction

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Sherpa

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April 13, 2013

Rockin’ In Kansas: Ultrarunning the American Heartland

Recently, TAUR writers Jerry Armstrong and “Sherpa” John Lacroix,

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April 11, 2013

Journey To 100 Miles: UPDATE

Back in October, I introduced the readers of TAUR to the

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April 1, 2013

Interview: Vermont 100 Race Director

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run and

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March 25, 2013


A few weeks ago on The Ultra List, a discussion was started titled, “Purse

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February 21, 2013


I’ve heard it time and again over the last decade that I’ve spent in

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