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November 2, 2015 Comments (0) Contests, Featured

Balega Gives Back – Shannon Mitchel

The latest selection from TAURs Balega gives back contest:

I would like to nominate my good friend Shannon Mitchel for the Balega contest. Not only is she an amazing doctor by day, but she is also a fantastic ultrarunner in her free time. I met Shannon a few months back as I entered into the running community. By all accounts I am still a newbie. Shannon has gone out of her way to help me countless times prepare for races I’ve entered, set up train plans, calm my nerves, learn about hydration and fuel, and answer any question I may have. She is always there to for her friends!  Shannon does this selflessly and expects nothing in return. I am in awe of her as she has continued to provide excellent care for her patients, studied for her wound boards, and trained for numerous events this past summer/fall. But above all I am impressed with her compassion and generosity towards her friends. I know I am not the only person she has inspired to get healthy and Live a fulfilled life. You ask anyone who knows Shannon and they will tell you countless stories of her kindness and zest for life. She is one of the coolest and nicest people you’ll ever meet. I am honored to call her my friend as many others are too. She is a force of nature in the Portland, OR running scene as well as Galveston, TX where she originally hails from. I owe her my success this past running season and look forward to running with her in my first 50 miler this next year. No doubt the friendship she has shown me and many others has changed their lives and inspired them to challenge the impossible, go for broke, dream big, and be the absolute best person they possibly could be!

Please consider her for this very special contest, she is an excellent candidate. She’s a very humble individual, but I know this would mean the world to her to be recognized for all the things that she does for others. She never expects a thank you but it sure would be nice to give her one in grand fashion!

Thank you.

Ali Schanhofer

Shannon Mitchel

Shannon Mitchel

Thanks Ali!

To nominate someone for the next Balega giveaway, emailed your story to

All Submissions should be emailed by the 20th of each month and include roughly 500 words and 2 images. 

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