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Hylete Running Outfit

Hylete Insignia Racer Tank

The Hylete Insignia Racer Tank is an extremely lightweight tank made of a mix of 85% polyester and 15% Spandex. It has a narrow racer back design with straps that are made for a full range of mobility.



This tank is made to fit anyone. It is extremely comfortable and loosely form fitting. It doesn’t ride up like a lot of fitted tanks, which is really nice. It is also extremely breathable, and the polyester/spandex mix allows it to get wet if you find yourself running past a stream or sprinklers that you can’t keep yourself from immersing yourself in, drying off easily so you’re not carrying pounds of moisture home with you or causing major chafing.



The Insignia Racer Tank is for anyone looking for a lightweight tank they can comfortably wear anywhere.

Hylete Nimbus Caprite 


Traditionally a company that specializes in apparel for the world of Cross-fit, Hylete has really created a tight, or “Caprite” as it has been officially named that transfers easily over to the trail and ultrarunning community. Perhaps co-founder, Matt Pauslon has been influenced by his trail and ultrarunning wife, Ashley to create universal clothing that she can both lift and run for miles in. Either way, the Nimbus Caprite is as comfortable as it is stylish.



With its  4-way stretch fabric made of a 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex mix, the Nimbus Caprite allows for a one of a kind, extremely comfortable fit that provides warmth in cooler climates while also giving breath-ability during warmer days.What’s better? There is also a  mesh cuff that can be easily tucked away for a capris length. And if you thought things couldn’t get any better, there is also a side zip pocket for cell phones, credit cards and keys.


The Hylete Nimbus Caprite is for anyone looking for a tight that will keep you warm on cool days, cool on hot days, comfortable during long runs, and looking good when you don’t have time to change after a run.

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