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Kari Traa Running Outfit

Louise Tights

The Kari Traa Louise Tights are the perfect legging for any athletic or active woman.  These full length tights have seams sewn perfectly across the quadriceps to give a nice flattering and slimming appearance.  They offer an adjustable waist band, which is wide enough to fold over if that suits one’s fancy.  They also include the handy small zipper pocket at the back of the waist band for store snacks for those long runs.  To add to their great design, there are zippers at the ankles to help get on and off, and a silicone band to ensure they stay put while you’re being active.  Last but not least, they are constructed of a thin comfortable and very breathable material.

The color scheme is excellently focused and legit yet feminine and playful. Great zipper detail at the ankles along with the thoughtful silicone band to eliminate riding up or down. The Louise Tights are wonderful in so many ways, it’s difficult to find a design flaw. If one chooses to fold over the waist band, it eventually has the tenancy to unfold mid run or other activity.  

These tights are literally an excellent addition to every active women’s athletic wardrobe.  Not only are they super cute and stylish they are well rounded for almost every activity.  Runners, bikers, hikers, walkers, yogis all can benefit from these tights.  Even if you want to grab a coffee with a friend after your workout, these tights will be accepted everywhere.

Kristina Tee

The Kari Traa Kristina Tee is the perfect tee for just about all activities.  It’s a super soft and supple fabric and is perfectly comfortable and relaxed while still being stretchy enough to look fitted.  The fabric offers different patterns throughout to help with flexibility and range of motion.  Unlike many other soft and stretchy tees, the Kristina Tee stays in place without riding up.  Moisture wicking and quick to dry, this is something you’ll want to wear all the time.

The Kristina Tee is a must have for every woman!  The comfort, style, breathability, flexibility and maneuverability is perfect for all levels of the female athlete.  Great to wear alone or layer up with the Kari Traa Nora Jacket.   The Kristina Tee is perfect for females of all ages!  It is an excellent top to wear to run, bike, mountain climb, hike, dance, play soccer or lift weights, and the list goes on!

The Nora Jacket

The Kari Traa Nora Jacket is a very well thought through jacket.  It’s fun bright colors, with just a touch of reflective accents ensure you will be seen at night or during the day.  It has slim simple flattering lines.  The Nora Jacket offers mesh fabric  in the underarm  area to help keep you cool and dry while working hard.  There are two zippered pockets to help keep things safe.  The collar is nice and tall to help stand up and keep you warm against the wind.  The bottom of the jacket hem has an adjustable drawstring for the perfect individual fit.   Super lightweight so it’s easy to pack up and quick to dry. The Nora Jacket is the ideal jacket in almost every way.  The one downside is that the collar is a bit too tall.  When the jacket isn’t zipped up all the way, the back of the collar tends to not know what to do.  Stand up? Scrunch down? Fold over?  It should have  a little more direction.

While this is nearly the perfect light weight jacket for all things outdoors and athletic, this jacket is comfortable, casual and stylish enough to wear while out running errands to the grocery store or grabbing coffee with friends.

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