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April 24, 2012

Pacee – The Art of Pacing’s Other Side

Last week, in The Art of Pacing, I discussed how to

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April 19, 2012

Barefoot Running — A Cautionary Tale

I’ve been doing some barefoot running lately, because I’ve been

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April 9, 2012

Optimal Hydration During Endurance Events

Fluid and electrolyte balance are critical to maintaining normal body function.

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Mark Kreuzer Rolling his IT Band April 9, 2012

IT Band Syndrome – A Runners Worst Nightmare

My first experience with IT Band Syndrome,  ITBS, ITB or just IT as I like to

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April 7, 2012

Dry Needling – Healing a Runner Inside and Out

I’ve been doing some dry needling these last few months. After going through

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April 3, 2012

I Say No Socks – My Weird Running

Little man crush on Anton I must admit.  The whole minimalist thing is just so

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March 30, 2012

First Trail Ultramarathon: My Training Journey — Week “-5”

My name is Kirstin. I’m a seasoned endurance athlete — I’ve done

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March 28, 2012

Through Endurance

By: Jerry Armstrong

Through endurance, you gain the virtue to conquer

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March 28, 2012

EnduranceJer’s Recovery Smoothie

-Soy Milk (1/2 or 1 cup approx) (or almond, rice milk, etc..)

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March 27, 2012

iPhone 4 for Trails, Ultras and Training

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