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Jerry Armstrong; Boulder, CO

Jerry Armstrong ( aka EnduranceJer) provides 1hr consultation services by Skype, Facetime, or phone in the specialized areas of endurance nutrition, plant-based (vegan) fueling, and ultra-distance training. Jerry also provides a wealth of knowledge for at-home mitigation of overuse injuries.   Jerry is an experienced ultra-endurance athlete with approximately 35 ultras and 2 Ironman races in his career.  He has twice been a crew chief at the Badwater 135, a US Marine, police SWAT officer, and running coach for police relay teams.  He started his endurance career in triathlon 10 years ago and and has been competing in ultramarathon 7 years.   He has coached approximately 100 athletes in the past 5 years, via Skype, phone, and internet.

Jerry’s strengths come in his ability to identify issues of imbalance in an athlete’s training. He has helped many athletes develop an individual roadmap for which to successfully finish their first 50 or 100 mile race. Jerry’s coaching philosophy emphasizes his personal view that, “You cannot overtrain…but you can under-recover.”  

Email Jerry with questions. He will respond with a ‘Running Questionnaire’, and arrange a time to chat with you.

Skype: jerry.armstrong14

1hr Consult $50

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Yassine Diboun – Portland OR

Since enterning the world of Ultra and Trail racing, Yassine Diboun has consistently been one of the top runners in the country.  He’s recorded a significant number of Ultra Marathon wins, Top 10 finishes and finished the 2012 Western States 100 miler in 16:43.

Yassine has a Bachelors of Science degree program in Physical Activity/Exercise from Portland State University.

He designs training plans using principles of progression.  It is his mission is to provide constant open and honest communication evolving around a 100% custom tailored program.

For more on his coaching services please contact him directly through his coaching site at .

2012 Sample Results:

Western States – 12th Place – 16:43

TrailFactor 50k – 4th Place – 3:49

Gorge Waterfalls 50k – 4th Place – 3:31

Bandera 100k – 8th Place – 9:22

2011 Sample Results:

Deception Pass 50k – 1st Place – 4:16

Mount Hood P.C.T. 50 miler – 2nd Place – 6:45

San Diego 100 miler – 3rd Place – 18:12

Forest Park 50k – 1st Place – 3:54


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Mark Kreuzer – Salt Lake City

Mark’s coaching experience is extensive.  He served as marathon, half marathon, 5k & 10k coach for 6 years with Luke’s Locker in Dallas TX.  He has coached more than 150 runners during his career.  In one season 6 out of 7 runners he coached ran negative splits at the Dallas Whiterock Marathon, 2009.

Mark has the ability to see a runner for who they are and work with their unique strengths and weaknesses.  No two training plans are ever the same as no two runners are the same.  Whether it’s the road or the trail he can find the methodology to get you across the line and even faster if that’s what you desire.

Mark does Skype and Facetime consultations, written plans and onsite seminars for your group.  He’s well suite to coaching runners in Half Marathon’s up to 50 milers.


17:50 – 5k

1:27 – Half Marathon

3:18 – Marathon

4:33 – 50k

8:04 – 50 Miler

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