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UltrAspire Synaptic

The UltrAspire Synaptic waist pack is an MBS (Molecular Belt System) which means that the belts components are interchangeable with other UltrAspire products like the Lumen 600. Basically, the front pocket portion can be detached at the single speed hook access point on the right side of the Ultra Flask holster and disconnected on the other side by unthreading the waist strap on the left through the buckle.  \In this way the pack could be illumination in the front and hydration in the back.

The large front zipper pocket that comes standard with the pack has two small internal pockets for things like a car key, gel, or any other small item. The front pouch can hold quite a bit. When running with a friend during what we anticipated to be a cold, windy run, I carried my normal gear as well as his packable rain jacket. There is another smaller zipper pocket near the water flask holster that would fit a gel, car key, chapstick.

The waist pack is easily adjustable with adjustment straps on both sides of the hips. Simply put on the pack and pull the adjustment straps simultaneously to achieve the perfect fit. It fits most comfortably just above the hips and there is absolutely no bounce while running, jumping, or climbing during your adventure. 

When the pack is empty it weighs about 3.2oz and with a full flask (18oz of water) and the front storage full of running essentials, the pack weighs approximately 1.8lbs (28.8oz).  On a winter run, this pack would be fine for a mid-distance run of half-marathon distance but during hot weather it would be more suited for a shorter run. On the other hand, if you like to travel light during a marathon/ultra and simply want to refill your water bottle at each aid station, this pack will easily get you to the finish with minimal weight to carry. 

The Synaptic is listed at $59.99 which stands at the higher end of the waist pack price scale and overall, I would rate this pack at 4 with the only thing keeping it from a 5 being the price.  You do, however, get what you pay for as it has an amazing fit, its components are all made of very durable material, the storage is great and it is super easy to use.

  • Synaptic in motion
  • UltrAspire Synaptic
  • Elation with the UltrAspire Synaptic
  • Synaptic Hip shot
  • UltrAspire Synaptic closeup
UltrAspire Synaptic
Price $59.99
Weight 3.04oz
Capacity .56L
Ratings – Out of 5
Fit 5
Performance 4
Durability 5
Storage 5
Ease of Use 4
Stability 5

2 Responses to UltrAspire Synaptic

  1. Chris says:

    Hi there. Thanks for reviewing these. Question about the Synaptic: Will it fit a larger iPhone? I have a Plus, so wondering if it will stash in the main pocket? Thanks.

  2. Kara Nassoiy says:

    Definitely!!! I have a 5s which is not as big as the iPhone 6 Plus but I have more than enough room. You can probably fit a couple iPhone 6s and some salts, gels, and chews if you like:)

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