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Country Archer – Product Review

Country Archer jerky and Frontier bars have been around for nearly 40 years. Now under nationwide distribution, this company originated from a literal roadside stand. Today they compete to make some of the best jerky and meat snacks on the market.

100% grass-fed beef, gluton free, no preservatives, no hormones or added antibiotics, and made in America, this is as clean is you can get with this type of product. Packed perfectly to fit in your running vest or drop-bag, you can take these delicious and easy to eat snacks with you anywhere. And a wide variety of meats and spices means there is something for everyone. The Frontier bars (new for 2017) are specifically designed as “meat-based” protein bar, providing everything you need for proper recovery.

TAUR discovered Country Archer just walking through the 2017 Winter Outdoor Retailer trade show. We rarely have time to eat while there, so finding the jerky companies is a must for us. Early in this year’s show we came across Country Archer and were immediate fans . . . . and friends, as we came back at least twice a day for the next three days. The people representing the company were as authentic as the products, something we highly value. And above all that, their products are amazing.

Since then Country Archer has sent us samples to test and review. We’ve used them at work, in the desert, and deep in slot canyons of Southern Utah. We’ve distributed them to TAUR staff and local running friends and everyone came back saying the same thing – AMAZING! These products are as easy to eat sitting at your desk at work as they are at mile 30 in the middle of your next ultra. Loaded with all the things you need to get you through the day or to the next aid station, these clean meat snacks will go easy on your stomach and still give you everything you need to run strong.

We highly recommend you check out Country Archer’s website and find where you can order them or buy them locally.

*Note: Country Archer did NOT sponsor this article, they really are just that good that we are excited to talk about them.

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  1. […] TAUR advocates for the people, events and companies that inspire adventure enthusiasts to unite the industry and community in their endless pursuit of adventure.  TAUR discovered Country Archer while walking through the 2017 Winter Outdoor Retailer trade show and were immediate fans.  They loved our jerky so much that we fed them three times a day for the duration of the three day trade show.  After returning home and sharing our jerky with their peers, “everyone came back saying the same thing – AMAZING!”  Get the full story here… […]

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